Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Just waiting for the little one to wake up. She is stirring around but hopefully will sleep for another hour or so. I'm so excited for her. Being four is such a good age for Santa. Had to scramble for stocking stuffers for Matt and myself. Don't know how I forgot that this year but I was able to find some things. The tree is full and shining brightly. It's a beautiful sight. Matt's Mom sent home some homemade cinnamon rolls so we'll munch on those for breakfast while opening presents. Even with just the three of us, it looks like we have a family of six or nine even. I hope Santa was good to all of you and he granted all of your wishes. I know he has mine. Thank you everyone who sent gifts, cards, phone calls and emails. I LOVE hearing from everyone and seeing new pictures. I'll try to post a picture of our tree later. Kathy