Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First Day of Jr. Kindergarten

Chani's day started out normally except that we had to be ready for school about 30 minutes earlier. She wanted to wear the formal uniform for her first day. We had some breakfast and then all three of us headed out the door. We arrived at the school about 15-20 minutes early so we could take some pictures. The car pool line had already started but we decided that we would rather walk her in the first day. After pictures, we walked around to the side entrance because they have the front locked. We said our goodbyes and she very casually walked into the building. Nothing major, no tears, no fear. I was fine too.

We arrived a little early for pick up as well. We put her number into the keypad and there was a woman there verifying the number with them inside. Pulled around to the other side and had to wait until they let them out. She came out in order and she was all smiles when she saw us. Even gave a little laugh. Got in the car but she was soooo tired. She fought sleep and told us about her day. She made a friend, Taylor. They went outside 3-4 times. Her favorite class is Spanish. She ate a bite of a chicken sandwich, a bite of salad with no dressing and a bag of chips. She didn't seem really all that hungry though. That was basically all we could get out of her.

She then went to bed at 7:30 and slept until about 6:30. I had to wake her this morning, which is very unusual. Matt took her to school and did the drop off in the car pool line. I will pick her up after school.

That was her first day.


Briana's Mom said...

Way to go Chani!!! I knew she would do great and she looks super cute!!

Catherine said...

Wow! First day of JK already? Where does the time go?

Chani looks adorable and sounds like she did great! Way to go Chani!!

Lisa~~ said...

Chani looks adorable and glad to hear that it all went well.

Pepsy Cola said...

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Julie said...

She looks adorable! Glad to hear it all went smoothly. My daughter starts kindergarten at the end of the month and I hope it goes smoothly too!

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