Sunday, October 17, 2010


486, yup, that's the number of photos I took late yesterday at the pumpkin patch. The 9 of us went on our annual Cagle trip and I was finally able to pick out some pumpkins. We started awhile back when we were able to get tickets at 1/2 off thanks to Lisa S. Wouldn't you know it, I forgot my voucher at home but was able to look up the numbers so they let me in. Yay for iPhones!! We purchased the additional hay ride and marshmallow roast but were too late to do the farm tour. Not a biggie as we've done it the past two years. We did go through the corn maise at record speed with the three girl leading the way and no one got lost.

We then grabbed a bite to eat and the girls jumpped on the big pillows. We did a few more photos and the highlight of the day for Chani was getting to ride the ponies. We then headed over to get on the hayride. They took us down to the pond where they had several fire pits going. They gave each of us some roasting sticks and a bag of marshmallows. (Graham crackers and chocolate were sold separately.) So, we all sat and ate marshamallows until we were almost sick. Who would have thought that four per person would be too many?

After that, we rode the hayride back to the pumpkins and did some more photos, and picked out our pumpkins.

37 made the cut so here they are in no particular order. The sun was shining so brightly which made it hard to get some photos.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where has the time gone?

How can it be that I haven't updated my blog for two months? I feel bad not posting anything and reading has gone by the wayside as well. Although I do read just a few still. I just don't have much time to dedicate to it anymore. So, my random blogs will have to do for now.

What have we done in the past two months? Well, let me see. I have been busy with
4 consignment sales, 4 birthday parties and 3 bow shows.
I've spent a fortune on car service and need to do it again for Matt's car.
We've had Steve spend a few days stay with us.
Spent 1/2 a week on the beach with Pam and the other half with Matt and Chani.
Have kept a bread starter going since mid August. (Thanks Heidi) It's yummy and if you want a start, let me know.
Started Chani in a Hip Hop class and a Soccer class. She's loving both but Hip Hop more.
Toted a stuffed rabbit around for a week and then scrapbooked it for Chani's school.
Had countless coffees, lunches and play dates.
Had a few friends over for game night.
Finally decided on a theme for Chani's 4th birthday party after changing my mind a few hundred times. This one is going to stick.
Have searched high and low for a book that I've misplaced. Luckily it's one I own and not a library book.
Started decorating for Halloween. Still have a couple boxes to go through. How do I accumulate so much? I thought I got rid of a bunch of it last year.

Coming up -
2 trips to pumpkin patches.
1 more fall bow show. Then the holiday shows are fast approaching. Need to prepare!

And, my favorite thing coming is our "girls only" trip to Disney. Chani and I are going with Christy and Katie. Can't wait. I've been planning and thinking about it for days now. I even dug out Chani's Disney outfits and tried them on her, hoping they still fit. I bought annual passes for Chani and me so we can take several numerous trips for a year. We're already planning a second trip.

Now, some random photos.

Downtown Disney
September 2009
September 2010

She really wanted to pose next to characters and this building for some reason. We went to Downtown Disney for one brief day and did a bit of shopping.

Pam and I took a day trip and went to St Augustine. We climbed the lighthouse and walked around the oldest city. It was a great place to visit. I didn't take many pictures of the beach though. The last in this group is of Chani and me on the beach at sunrise. Yes, Matt actually got up to take the shot.

Chani with her school bunny.

A few birthday pictures of only a couple of the birthdays.

Game night. The girls changed into their nightgowns and had a ball making silly faces.

And finally, some random shots.