Sunday, August 01, 2010

Back to school

Chani's first day of her three year old preschool starts tomorrow. I called my sister the other day and told her now I realize what both sisters meant when they said they couldn't wait until school started. Well, now I know. I love my daughter more than anything in the world but a couple hours away from her every day is going to be so nice. I will have time to get a lot accomplished, even if I only sit down and relax for a bit. I will miss her though. She, I think, will have a new teacher. Their summer program will be separated back out into smaller classes.

Today she and Matt went out for their daddy/daughter day which means going out to lunch and perhaps a bit of shopping. I was able to get to the basement and get some things organized and toys pulled out so I can tag them for the consignment sales. I joined two this season. All 4 Kids which I always do and that one has yielded great results for me. And a new one, the UMC one here in town. This will be my first there so hopefully I'll have good luck. At least it's close. I think so anyway. Not sure exactly where it is.

Then, I've been toying with the idea of listing things on eBay. I have many boutique outfits that I'd like to auction vs consign. I tend to not do so well with those at the sales but have been outbid on tons on eBay. I used to sell on it several years ago but haven't done anything lately.

Off for some more organizing before the family returns.