Saturday, July 24, 2010

World Wide Photo Walk in Marietta GA

Yesterday Cindy, Lisa, Amy and I all went on a World Wide Photo Walk. There were 50 photographers in our group. There were over 33000 from all over the world doing the same thing. Once we're done, we can choose one of our favorites and enter it into a contest to win prizes. While mine aren't anywhere near contest quality, I did get some great shots. Here are some of my favorites.

My weirdest photo of the day was a man having his head shaved right there in the square.


Briana's Mom said...

You got some awesome shots Kathy!!! I love the corn and okra shots. And you got a great shot of the cupcakes. Love the picket fence too!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I am going to have to make sure I get into this next year... plan my day off work... hopefully Shauna will have the hang of the camera by then :)
Love the shots...