Friday, July 23, 2010

What a week

On Saturday, we took Chani to a soccer tryout. She did great and loved it! So, we signed her up to begin this fall. Hopefully it won't be quite so hot.

Then, on Sunday, we met up with Lisa, Doug and Briana for a trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts. This time we saw Billy Goats Gruff and Other Stuff. It was cute and the girls loved it. After the show, we went upstairs to make a hand puppet. It was quite a chore getting both girls to look one way with their puppets out of their faces. After that, we headed to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner where we all had to dress appropriately for dinner. We then all went to the book store to do a little shopping before heading home. We had a great day!

On Monday, Chani started swim lessons. Day one, she was so trusting of her instructor and did pretty well. Day 2, she had a different instructor and did a bit better but was rushed into it and that scared her so she cried a bit at the beginning. Day 3, she whimpered a bit towards the end. Each day they progress and go down a bit more for longer and add a few things. On the 4th day she was floating on her back towards the end of the class and she totally lost it. Full out crying, reaching for us, etc. It took all I had not to go get her and comfort her. They calmed her down and were able to finish the lesson but with some crying. Don't know what it was all about. After this lesson, all three of us grabbed our goggles and headed towards our subdivision pool. She realized that she could see me looking back at her under the water while holding our breath. She loved that. One of us would hold her while we all three took a breath and went under and waved at each other. She wanted to do it again and again. I think this was the breaking point for her. She also wanted to swim from one of us to the other. It was so much fun seeing that click with her. Hopefully by Monday she will remember how much fun she had and won't be scared for class.

Today is Friday and we have two play dates. One was this morning at Christy and Katie's. I got to see Christy's ultrasound picture. It was such a surreal moment seeing that picture of that tiny baby growing inside her. I showed Chani and she went over and peered over the arm of the chair at Christy's belly. It was cute! After that, we headed to the, "cheese dip" restaurant as Katie called it and had lunch. Chani kept asking to go back to Katie's after we left. After dinner tonight, we are headed across the street to play on a water slide with Frankie. That should be fun!

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with some friends and doing a photo walk. I've never done one before so it should be tons of fun and hopefully I'll be able to get some cute photos.

Glad this week is almost over. Not that next week isn't as busy but I love it.

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