Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Day at the Mall

A little over two weeks ago, Chani and I had a mommy/daughter day and we went shopping at the mall. We did a bit of Father's Day shopping and Chani shopping of course.

We also rode the train.

Then, while on the train we spotted a little girl getting her ears pierced. I asked Chani if she wanted to get hers done and she said yes. I called Matt to make sure it was okay as we had talked about it before and we had decided to wait until she wanted to do it herself. Well, he didn't answer so the decision was left up to me. I asked her if she were sure over and over again and her response was always, yes. Even when I told her that it would hurt a little bit. She wanted them. Okay. She picked out some Hello Kitty earrings but at the last minute, with a little suggestion on my part, switched to these adorable flower ones. They match everything so much better. She was nervous but so was I. She held my hands while the girl marked her ears. Still want them? Yes. Okay, The only girl working there did them, one at a time, rather quickly. Chani did great!! No crying, whining, changing her mind at the last minute or worse, after the first one. I was so proud of her. She was so proud of them. We then went and had some lunch and called Daddy.

It was such a wonderful, fun day spending it with my favorite girl in the whole wide world.


Kim said...

Very pretty..
What a brave little Chani..
Great job..
Have a great week

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

Yay Chani! LOL - your pictures do look like mine!

Thanks to Miss C - Briana now has pierced ears too. :D