Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today we had a fabulous day. We drove downtown to the Center of Puppetry Arts in Atlanta and saw Hansel and Gretel. I had been here one time before quite awhile ago. It was really quite entertaining and well worth a visit. This particular duo performed without a curtain in front of them so we could see all they had to do.

They had several of the Muppets puppets there as well as Ernie and Big Bird. We couldn't take pictures or else I would have had some. Upstairs they had kits where we could make puppets. Chani had a blast and loved the show. We're already planning our next visit.

We also stopped at Joe's Crab Shack for dinner where we had some yummy crab legs. They had me wear a bib and every so often, the wait staff would stop, turn the music up and dance. It was quite entertaining. Chani even got up and danced and has been talking non stop ever since we left the show.

On the ride home, Santa came up for some reason and when I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her this year, she said, "earrings." Guess that's more descriptive than "toys" from last Xmas. She couldn't come up with anything else though. It's such a joy watching her grow up.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Day at the Mall

A little over two weeks ago, Chani and I had a mommy/daughter day and we went shopping at the mall. We did a bit of Father's Day shopping and Chani shopping of course.

We also rode the train.

Then, while on the train we spotted a little girl getting her ears pierced. I asked Chani if she wanted to get hers done and she said yes. I called Matt to make sure it was okay as we had talked about it before and we had decided to wait until she wanted to do it herself. Well, he didn't answer so the decision was left up to me. I asked her if she were sure over and over again and her response was always, yes. Even when I told her that it would hurt a little bit. She wanted them. Okay. She picked out some Hello Kitty earrings but at the last minute, with a little suggestion on my part, switched to these adorable flower ones. They match everything so much better. She was nervous but so was I. She held my hands while the girl marked her ears. Still want them? Yes. Okay, The only girl working there did them, one at a time, rather quickly. Chani did great!! No crying, whining, changing her mind at the last minute or worse, after the first one. I was so proud of her. She was so proud of them. We then went and had some lunch and called Daddy.

It was such a wonderful, fun day spending it with my favorite girl in the whole wide world.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Crayola Factory AND Sesame Place

A little much for one post so here are parts two and three.

The Crayola Factory:

I got the idea from Chani's 3rd birthday party back in February when one of my trivia questions was where was the crayola factory? It is in Easton PA so we decided to check it out once we were back to the Philly area. It did not disappoint.

We rented a hotel near the King of Prussia Mall through price line and got an awesome deal. Hotel was pretty nice and just a few minutes from Matt's parents so it worked well. We popped over to the house after unloading our luggage. Matt's mom loves to cook so she had a home cooked meal waiting for us. Score!

The next morning, we headed back over and ate breakfast with them. His parents were on babysitting duty that day. We had all planned to go the Crayola Factory but his parents ended up not being able to go so we took Chani's seven year old cousin Mark with us. In the meantime, I had wanted to do some laundry but Matt's Mom offered to take care of it. Another big time score.

The Crayola Factory was much larger than I had imagined it to be. They had a demo station on how they made crayons but the actual factory was a little ways away. They gave each of us tokens that the kids could put into a dispenser machine and choose things to buy like a four pack of crayons, markers, modeling clay, etc. The kids loved doing that. They also had stations for gluing, cutting, coloring with different products and other art work. They had some basic hands on play areas.

They had another floor where they had a canal museum. The kids were able to take boats and walk them through water with locks that they were able to manipulate to raise and lower the water. It was cute and the kids loved it. We grabbed a quick bite and headed to the Crayola store where we saw the largest crayon in the world. It was a real blue crayon enclosed in a large glass case. We let the kids pick out one thing that they wanted to buy from the store and Mark ended up getting a five foot crayon bank. It was cute to see this little seven year old trying to carry that box. We had to rush out in order to get back in time to meet Matt's brother Steve and drop off Mark. We arrived just in time to pile back into the car so we could go and see Matt's other brother, Hank. His child, Nick was having his elementary school graduation and awards program that night. We ended up seeing each of his brothers and families for maybe five minutes each.


The third leg of our trip was to Sesame Place. We changed hotels so we'd be a bit closer. A one day ticket was the same price as a two day so we opted to go back for the second day. The first part of the day was spent doing dry rides. She loved the flying fish ride and we rode that several times. It is similar to the dumbo ride at Disney MK. She was afraid of the rides where she had to go alone but had confidence when we were with her. We stopped for lunch and then hit the water rides. I sat out on the water rides and took care of our bag and crap. After Matt's parents and Mark left, we hung out a bit longer and rode the roller coaster before heading back to the hotel. The next day, we went at it alone and spend the day doing both wet and dry rides. We saw Elmo's World Live and another character show. We paused for photos and even a parade. Her favorite part of the parade? When the Count touched her hand. The weather was perfect the first day and there was a very brief shower the second day but overall, the weather was perfect.

We grabbed some burgers on the way to the hotel on our final night and had a picnic in our room. Afterwards, we went for a swim in the indoor pool and sat in the hot tub briefly. About 3am, the hotel fire alarm went off. We had to wake her and carry her outside. She did really well and was able to get back to sleep when we finally went back inside. It was a false alarm but the next day, she talked and talked about it.

She also did really well with having her naps way off and poor quality but she was a trooper and behaved excellently. We were so proud of her! On our way to the airport, we passed by this gushing water main break. Water was at least 30-40 feet high. I was able to take a couple pictures on my camera phone.

The rental drop off was a breeze. There was congested air traffic in Atlanta so we were delayed from taking off. Nothing major and we still arrived on time. We did hit quite a few bumps near Atlanta due to so much traffic. Felt like we were on one of the rides at SP with our stomachs jumping. The rest of the trip home went well and we made it home at a decent time.

She was afraid of the water splashing on her from the Count's bucket which is why her hands are up in a few of the photos. She was nowhere close enough but she thought she was. :)