Friday, April 02, 2010

Cruise No 2

Carnival Fascination - My 11th cruise and my first one without my husband and first one that I've been on twice.

This ship was Chani's very first cruise so it brought back a few memories.

Day one the three of us, Christy, Jessica and I met up and drove down to Cordele. We stopped for the night and spent the first night in a hotel. Glad we did it this way. We drove the second half of the trip and boarded the ship. Once we pulled out, we sailed under the John Matthew's bridge. That was pretty cool. Of course, drinks were on tap for the evening and most following.

We did the usual trivia, newlywed game, comedian, towel folding, art auction, shows, etc.

Our ports were Freeport, Bahamas where we went with the "swim with dolphins" excursion. We had the best time. We hopped into the water and were able to swim with two bottle nose dolphins individually for a few minutes. After everyone in the first group had their turn, we did some tricks with them, including spinning around, speaking, spitting water and waving. We posed for photos including a hug, kiss, and one on either side of us. It was really the highlight of the trip and so worth it.

Our next port was Nassau. We went on a jeep excursion where the three of us were in our own jeep. We caravaned around the island seeing various properties including a totally white house, the church where they had Anna Nicole's funeral, some slave house ruins, and a great cliff. We stopped a couple of times. They had walkie talkie radios which our guide narrated throughout the trip. We also stopped for about an hour of beach time. I did go out with my snorkel but did not see one single fish. Still it was a lot of fun driving with the top down and even on the left hand side of the road. Once we got back, Jess says, Let's go do shots at Senor Frogs. So, we did. Oh, that was so much fun.

Our last day was a sea day and we didn't do too much except relax. It was a short trip but was long enough for us all to miss our families.

Can't wait to do another one in the fall! Anyone interested?