Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cruise - Cruise - 03/2010

This was the view from our hotel room. The Carnival Fantasy out of Mobile. We all watched it pull into port early that morning.

One of the things that Chani loves to do with the towel animals each evening is to pretend to be whatever the animal is and have her picture taken.

At Camp Carnival, they painted them up as pirates. She's giving her scary growl here.

She adored Freddy!

My Mom and Ed went with us. They are all dressed up for formal night.

Love this pose of Chani.

Another towel animal pose. Funny how she sees things.

Random cuteness.

Love how she's dancing with her Papa. She had a blast. I think he did too.

Mom and I went to the towel demonstration and these are our swans. Cute huh?

Another time in Camp Carnival. She loves having her face painted.

Two cruises, yep, two this month.

Went on the first one on The Carnival Fantasy to Cozumel and Calica with my Mom and her husband, Ed. Took my husband and Chani too of course. Had a really good time but didn't take many pictures. Had quite a few professional shots done and will post them sometime in the near future. I need to scan them first. We stopped in Cozumel and actually were able to go scuba diving and did a bit of shopping. We haven't been diving in nearly three years so it was wonderful to get back in the water again. In Calica, we rented a car for $55 and drove to Tulum, some ancient Myan ruins. We purchased a guided tour which was $65 for all of us. We were ripped off at the gas station though, $33 for about 1/4 tank. Matt was pissed. Over all, it sure was a whole lot cheaper and easier than it would have been if we booked it through the ship's price at $300 for the five of us.

Today, I'm meeting up with two of my girl friends and we're heading down to Jacksonville to board another Carnival cruise. We're spending a loooong weekend just the three of us and a couple thousand strangers. No husbands, no children, no cooking. Gotta love it! Today I'm spending the early part of day cleaning the house and preparing for the trip. The count down is on. This time, we're aboard the Carnival Fascination. Chani's first cruise was on this ship and it will be the first ship that I've ever sailed twice and my 11th total. We're heading to the Bahamas, Freeport and Nassau. We booked a dolphin excursion in Freeport but nothing yet for Nassau. I've never been in the water with dolphins so it should be tons of fun. Can't wait for that!

Other news...

I did a home bow party last night and had a great time doing it. Amy's husband and boys helped me haul in the stuff. I've never had it so easy and it was great having so many helpers. Met some wonderful women and have plenty of custom work to do once I get home. Even met a source for some future business dealings. I'm thinking about opening up my travel area for parties so if you live fairly local, within driving distance and would like to host one, just let me know. I have a great incentive package. I've also tweaked the shows to be more of an open house so guests can come and go as they please vs the games, prizes, etc.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Today's conversation

Chani - "Where is your Daddy?"
Me - "My Daddy died a long time ago."
Chani - "Why did he die?"
Me - "He was sick."
Chani - "Did he stick his fingers in his mouth?"

Too funny!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Update to Beau, the boy who bites

Last Friday Beau bit our neighbor, Frankie and that was the last straw for me. I decided 100% that we would pull her out and look for another school. I even told Matt to call them to let them know but he reminded me that they needed it in writing so it would have to wait until I got home. I was already in the car heading home. Then, I get the email. Beau had been permanently removed from the school. Now, what do I do?? Just two minutes before, we were pulling her out.

Back up a month, We had previously talked to the school about moving her into the three year old class but we were told that we'd have to wait until the summer when most of the three year olds would move up to the next class. I wasn't thrilled with this but what could I do. I was anxious to have her learning more than she is. We'd wait it out and then move her up. BUT, after Beau bit her the second time, we demanded that she be removed from that class and away from him and put where we honestly felt she should be anyway. They complied, sortof. They only offer 1/2 days 8-12 but five days a week. So, not only is the day 30 minutes longer, it's three days a week more. That means that we'll have to either give up dance or see if we can move it to Saturdays.

After considering all of this, the move would now be mute since the problem doesn't exist anymore but we decided to go ahead and give the new class a try. Today was her first day. She is the smallest/youngest in her class as most of them are nearing four but she's pretty smart so I think she'll do just fine. She was sitting with another girl within a minute and before we even got out of the door doing puzzles or something. We felt pretty good about her going to the other side.

Pickup was a total 180. She seemed fine until we were in the car, she became really quiet and didn't want to talk. She was bossy, grouchy and pushing buttons like mad. We get home and she didn't want to come in the house and proceeded to scream and throw a tantrum right there in the driveway. Matt stood in the garage waiting it out until she finally came. She was still quite grouchy so I decided that I had enough and sent her to her room for her nap an hour early. Two hours later, a complete 180again. She's her normal, happy self now. Amazing what a little sleep will do.

She had to be on quite the overload. We went out with friends last night and got home later than I had wanted but she did sleep in so I didn't think too much of it. Their schedule does have quite a bit more structured activities so I'm sure her little brain was getting a work out. We're going to give it a week to see how she does and re-evaluate then.

I sure know that I got quite a bit done today and am actually looking forward to having a bit more "me" time.

Chani-isms and random thoughts

My two most favorite people in the whole wide world.

I asked her the other day if she knew where babies came from. Her response, "China".

Sometimes when she doesn't like something or I'll ask if she likes it, she'll respond, "I'm not a fan."

I asked her what she wanted to do when she she grew up. Her response, "Write code like Daddy."

She came home from school and laughing saying that she, "kicked Kevin's berries." We had quite the amusing conversation with that one. I'm still not 100% sure of what she meant but I think they were playing with some berries from a bush that they have in the outside play area at school.

She loves watching Jeopardy. She pronounces it "Jep or ee" and sings the theme song saying me me me.... and stomps her foot.

The also loves watching "Boink" aka Americas Favorite Videos.

Her personality is so totally different when she is at home or with us vs being around other people. This last week my Mom who we haven't seen in 18 months saw it first hand this last week. Day 1 she was like she is at home, singing, laughing, talking nonstop. Day 2 was so much more reserved. Quite the opposite of what they expected.

She is always saying, "I love you so much, Mommy." So sweet!

On the fence about buying a new car. Talked to the dealer twice now, crunched numbers but not sure that I can justify spending so much money on a new car. Last time we bought a new car didn't seem that difficult of a decision. That was ten years ago. Where does the time go?

Had a Mary Kay consultant come to the house yesterday. Had a great couple of girly hours. Am really looking forward to our ladies only cruise next week.

Went to a super sweet princess tea birthday party for Emily Grace. Although Chani skipped her nap and was super clingy and tired she said she had a great time. I know I did too.

Consignment sales for the season are pretty much over. Did super great at one, okay at another and fair at the third. Next season I'm only going to sale at the best one. It's the complete opposite with bows. The third is the best with the second being okay but the first one doesn't have vendors. Going to look into a couple other shows to vendor in the fall.

That's about it for now.