Monday, September 28, 2009

Disney Day 1

This isn't a very good picture but I LOVE her smile after seeing Pluto.

She really loved all the "fuzzy" characters. She would run up to each and hug them.

One of the fun things for me was to find the hidden Mickeys. This is the first one that I found.

She didn't have a problem with Mary Poppins or Alice.

We found a LOT of characters.

Posing with Snow White.

Mulan took her hand and they walked to the kidcot station.

They then exchanged hugs.

We have a picture of Anna in front of this guy from a couple years ago. I need to search for it.

That was day 1. More will be coming.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So, this month is almost gone and still not much free time. How did my life get so busy? I used to have time to go to the grocery shopping or shopping in general. Now it needs to be added to the calendar. I started cleaning out her toy room but it has taken me three days just to get it organized again and I'm still working on it but I will have time today to get it done. Don't get me wrong, I love to stay busy and have lots to do but sometimes it gets tough.

We started the month off with our annual trip to the beach. We spend a very relaxing week with no schedule, no cooking, no anything but going where we wanted and doing whatever. Well, I guess we did have some sort of a schedule with tour hours and nap times. We drove out to a lighthouse and Chani and I climbed all 203 steps to the top. Matt wasn't feeling 100% so he decided not to climb it. I will have to admit that the closer to the top that we got, the more nervous for her I became. I was holding onto her for dear life the last couple of flights. Once we reached the top, she wanted to run around with the wind blowing. Of course she didn't much like it when I insisted that she hold my hand most of the time. We found Daddy and waved before the descent down. I went first and let her come down behind me so I could attempt a rescue if needed. No worries though, she made it. I know my legs were wobbly after all those stairs.

We visited a chocolate factory and watched them make it and they even covered potato chips in chocolate while we were there. They gave us free samples too which she LOVED. We visited a science museum where we saw a tiny little owl. They also were a hospital for turtles needing rehab. It was really kind of sad seeing the things that the turtles ate which in turn caused their death. There wasn't much else to this place. We visited a park and a children's museum. This museum wasn't quite up to par with others that I've been to either but she seemed to enjoy it and hey, that's what counts isn't it?!

Last year she loved being in the ocean. This year, not so much. We did get her out to about waist high a couple of times but mostly she wanted to just be in it about ankle high. She loved splashing it and walking in it which we did daily. We picked up tons of shells and did a couple of projects with them. We gathered with others and did tie dye shirts and another time we painted sun catchers and then painted some wooden fish. We also got in the pool most days too.

After our week there, we headed to Disney World. We stayed at the Beach Club in a room that was the closest to Epcot. It was an awesome location. We walked a short way to the steps, went down one flight and out the door, out the gate and just a short walk to Epcot. It was a really nice location. We hit all four parks at least once with our park hopper tickets. We came home most afternoons to nap and rest. That was a great thing for us to do. We really paid for it with tantrums if we didn't. Chani really loved seeing the characters. Most of them she would run up to and give them a big hug. It was so cute. She was frightened of Cinderella and Aurora and Jasmine. Why? I have no idea. I guess since they were strange people instead of characters. Her favorite princess is Ariel. We stood in line for 40 minutes just for her picture. We got most autographs which was as much fun for me as it was for her. I also looked for hidden Mickeys. That was fun for me too unless it got too hot then, not so much. One highlight was when we saw Mulan. We were the last to get our picture with her and then, she took Chani's hand and we walked her over to the kidcot station in China. At one time she started to get scared so Matt grabbed her other hand and the three of them walked together. Another really great thing I did was to bring little plastic characters that we already had from home. She never knew they were already hers. Each day after nap as we were leaving for the afternoon, I would hang back a bit and set out the characters we saw that morning, I would leave them on her bed in the same place each day along with a note from them telling her how exciting it was for them to see her or visit or whatever they did. She was so excited to come home each night to find them on her bed.

We also had the free dining plan. She was too young to get one nor did we need park tickets for her yet. I thought that we'd end up having to order more food but no. They really give you tons of food. At the buffets she was able to have her own plate. There was only one place that we didn't like. We ordered choc milk for her to drink and they told us that we'd have to pay for it. Don't know why when everyone else was so accommodating. We had five sit down meals, five counter meals and five snacks. We had brought some water with us but not enough so the snacks were used mostly for water. I'll remember to bring more next time. We had rain most days we were there but that didn't stop us. We put on rain ponchos and had one for her stroller. Speaking of strollers, guess who forgot to bring ours? So, before we got to Disney, I insisted on buying one. It definitely isn't the Mcclaren that we have at home but it sure made things a whole lot easier. Chani wanted to be in it most of the time. Another thing that I won't forget next time.

On our last day, we stopped by MK once again and spent the morning there. After lunch we headed home. Around 10PM we blew out a tire in the poring rain so we had to stop and fix that. It was quite something trying to figure out where to put the jack. That mess took us 1 1/2 hours before we could head home finally.

Once we got home, it was raining here and apparently closer to the city, they had a huge flood. It was raining here in our town and has been damp but other than that, we didn't have any damage or destruction. Hearing it on the news is just heartbreaking.

I've finally settled back into a regular routine with all clean laundry and suitcases stored for our next adventure.

Hope this wasn't too boring.

Pictures are coming in the next post.