Sunday, August 30, 2009

What we've been up to.

Where has the time gone? We have been warp speed busy this summer and lately I feel like I just don't have a handle on things. So, some more bullets.

*For the past two long weekends, (3 and 4 days each time) I did bow shows. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy doing them and selling my stuff but I'd be happy if I didn't need to see a bow for a little while. I've been away from home so much; it feels like I almost have a job again. I'm also revamping the stores that sell my bows into the fall colors so that has kept me busy too. Both shows were successful with one being the best one that I've ever done so my stock is really low. I really need to work on them but I think I'm going to take a small break from them for a bit.
In the meanwhile, I haven't been home to take care of things, including Chani. Matt has had to play Mommy for a few days while I was gone. As you can imagine, I have a ton of work to catch up on.

*I'm having a very hard time trying to find a lawn service to take care of my lawn. I've made several calls, asked neighbors for referrals, sent emails and still I haven't found one reasonable company. One did come out and gave me a quote almost double what I had been paying. Another one came out and gave me a quote to take care of the weeds. After a long story with him, they are finally supposed to come on Monday to quote me for the rest. Let's hope they show up.

*We went to the Dora Live concert last Sunday. Chani is really, really into Dora right now. Even more so than Elmo so we thought it would be fun for her. She did seem to enjoy it okay. I'm glad we went but wouldn't do it again. It seemed very amateur, almost like a high school play. Neither Matt nor I were all that impressed. Even the Elmo show we did last year seemed to have more pizzazz. We did have great seats and we love the theater where it was held.

*The week before, we had a girl’s only vacation. Chani and I went with Christy and Katie to Hilton Head. The forecast called for rain every single day but we got none! It was absolutely perfect weather. We stayed in a condo and went to the beach every day. I even had some time to read my book. Although I couldn't get Chani into the ocean. She screamed each time I tried and was scared of the waves. We went to a park and played there. We went to a children's museum where the girls had a blast. We even swam in the pool for awhile. It was a fun, nice getaway. I still haven't even looked at the photos yet so they will come later.

*The weekend before that, we went to Briana's 3rd birthday party at a bounce house. Chani loves bouncing, especially if we get in there with her. We had a great time seeing everyone and playing. We also had a potluck that weekend which was a lot of fun too. It's so much fun watching the little ones play together. They are so cute.

*That about wraps up what we've been up to, along with our regular schedule of gymnastics, ballet and preschool. Now onto what we have coming.

*Next weekend we are headed to the beach again, only this time to Florida. We have a full week of nothing but beach and laziness. After we laze around the first week, we're off to Disney for a short week!! I've made these super duper cute mouse ears that Chani and will both wear.

I can't wait to go! I think this is going to be a yearly thing now. She's more into it this year and knows a lot more of the characters. We may slip over to Orlando during our beach week to check out some more non Disney stuff too. I still have to pack!

In line up when we come back is a bar-b-que, a private home bow party, many, many fall celebrations, a cruise with our friends Pam and Steve, a trip to PA to visit family, another huge bow show, a holiday ballet recital and the list goes on and on.

And, now some random photos.