Sunday, July 19, 2009

More bullets


I wrote this blog entry back in July with full intentions of adding photos but never got to it. Since it took me awhile to write it, I'll go ahead and post it without photos and start a new post since it has been awhile.

* Daddy took Chani to a birthday party by himself yesterday. One of the preschool kids invited us so we went. I don't even know the little girl. So, what do you get a little girl you don't even know? I gave her some Gymboree bubbles and a bow. What was Chani's party favor? A box with small bubbles, a turtle that grows in water, a Dora spin top, a small Elmo board book, 5 sticks of sidewalk chalk, a bottle of silly string and 8 hair clippies. Boy do I feel cheap.

*Our preschool decided since the new school year is about to start that they are going to advance Chani to the next grade level and charge us more. They are also going to charge us a registration fee. It's already outrageously expensive but the location and security can't be beat. She's happy there and it give me some much needed free time but I am about 90% sure that we're going to pull her out for this reason. I feel that it's way too early to increase our fees. We've been to class 22 days.

*I've been looking at doing my own home preschooling thing and looking at some curriculums and trying to come up with a plan. I am thinking about doing it at the same time as her school. She just won't get the socialization like she does now but she gets that anyway with all our other activities.

*I had my second bow party and with very few people, it was a success. I took the advise of the girls at the first one and had tons more games this time. I have a couple more adjustments to make so the next one should be even more fun. Note to self - no more wine for me during party!

*Went to an open house of a gym that is a bit closer to me, however, wasn't all that impressed. Thought I was going to give up gymnastics this fall but if we withdraw her from school, may need to rethink that.

*Had a date night with Matt this week. Left Chani with a babysitter for only the 3rd time. Went to see Harry Potter. Last time I went to the movies with him alone was a year ago in July when we left Chani for the 1st time.

*Signed up for three consignment sales, selling bows at two. Tagged over 450 items and vowed to not purchase so many items this season. Total outfits for this fall/winter so far = 12 and most of them are on order.

*Took her bowling for the second time. She loves it for about 7-8 frames and then gets tired of it. Overall winner of the day was her friend Gray, age 3 who beat us all.

*Attempted blueberry picking for the second time this year but was a bust. No berries left so we ended up having an impromptu play date here. Have another playdate planned for this week. Need to come up with a craft idea.

*The past two days, have been able to shut off the air and open up the windows. So nice outside this weekend.

*Ordered some caterpillars and put them in our butterfly house and watched them change to butterflies. Released all five of them today. Was a little bit sad, a little bit gross but overall was a great experience.