Thursday, June 18, 2009

So much yet so little

So much has been going yet I have such little time to blog about it. Some highlights since my last posting are.

1. She is loving preschool. She goes twice a week for three hours each day. Her school is only ten minutes away so it's really convenient. Matt takes her on his way to work and I go and pick her up. One of her teacher told me that she just loves having her in her class.

2. She knows the alphabet pretty well now, along with all the colors. She can recognize 10 capital letters. She recognizes Pre*sident Ob*ama, Brian Wil*liams and Charlie Gib*son.

3. She is fascinated with Dora now so we now have tickets to see her live in August.

4. Today, as she was giving me a hug, she said, "I love you Mama." - Those are some very sweet words.

5. Last weekend, we had two birthday parties in one afternoon and another one next weekend. All for 3 year olds.

6. We played in a stream and had a pool party but I have yet to get in the pool with her this summer. Last year, we went almost daily.

7. We gave up pullups at night.

8. We made our dinner reservations for Disney. It's still too far away. I'm ready to go now.

9. Lisa is hosting my first home bow party. So excited to finally be doing that. If you're local and would like to host one, please contact me. I'd love to do one for you and have some great incentives and free bows.

10. We're going to have a house full of kids tomorrow with my Mom's group.

11. We made fireworks today.

12. I've painted 8 pictures now and they aren't too bad.

13. We bought sand today and are going to set up a sand box this evening if it cools down a bit.

14. She's loving dance camp. Once a week for 8 weeks, three hours each time. I've been strolling through stores, shopping and seeing everything that I've been missing with her with me. Love it!

15. I'm out of wall space to hang all her photos.

16. She always tells Daddy that she wants moneys. Too cute!

17. Matt was hand selected to be on a team to develop apps for the iPhone. He's excited.

18. I have two bow shows and two consignment sales coming up.

19. I have to prepare a meal for twelve in July. Any suggestions on what to prepare?

20. I love my housekeeper. She's been working for me for over a year now and does a fabulous job. The house always looks great when she's finished.

21. We're considering hosting another foreign exchange student.