Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some more firsts

Today was Chani's first dance recital and she was just adorable. We ordered their costumes way back at the end of last year and still had to return it and get a smaller one. Once we got it, we were set to go. It even came with its own bow!
Who would have thought that her dance recital would make me such a nervous wreck?! I packed her stuff and was ready to go earlier than I needed to. Camera, flash, video camera, costumes, all charged and packed. Once we got to the place, we changed into her first costume only to find out that I FORGOT THE BOW! How could I forget the bow? But, Amanda came to the rescue and located a spare with the generosity of a previous dancer. Now, we were set to go. All the girls gathered and walked to be photographed but I'm not even sure they got a shot. A couple of them were scared and crying. I thought for sure Chani would be the one crying but she was an angel. We then corralled them into the hall behind the stage and waited for our cue when another first happened.

A woman (Hi Shari!) came up to me and asked me if I was Kathy. I told her I was and she recognized me from my blog. She also mentioned knowing Susan. This was the first time this has happened. Her little girl is a couple years older and was just adorable in her costume.

The girls went up on stage and went to their numbers. Chani was concentrating so hard on staying on it but she did pretty well. I was so very proud of her and fighting back the tears. I felt like a complete idiot for crying but my baby was up there dancing and I was just so dang proud. When they walked off the stage, all the moms went back there and most of them were crying to so I felt a bit better.

We went to our room, changed costumes and went back out for our tap dance. No tears on this one and the girls were all over the stage. They had the audience laughing. it was adorable. All the girls received their own engraved "toe fee" (trophy) and a lollipop. I don't think she has ever had one so she didn't know what they were. When I told her it was candy, the lit up. Too cute!

We ran into Rachel and she had another little Chinese girl in her class so we went to meet them. It was quite a day.

Yesterday, we went to her first pool party. Of course, I forgot our swimsuits. What is it with me forgetting everything now? I didn't used to be this forgetful. Anyway, Natalie came to the rescue and had a spare suit of Savannah's that we were able to use so at least Chani was able to get wet. Our first swim of the season. Chani had a blast and didn't want to go. She sat down on the ground and threw a fit. "No Mama, I don't want to. I don't want to go home." Over and over again. I just let her cry it out. She rarely does this and thankfully it is short lived.

She is growing so fast and changing into her own little person. She has opinions now and carries on conversations. She tells me if she wants two pigtails or one. She knows what she likes to eat and knows her name, "taine e" She can't quite get the Ch sound yet. She's a loving little girl and warms up to most everyone. She has been the perfect match for us. I love her so very much.

I rarely have time to post anymore. I feel like I have tons to write about but it just takes too long to upload photos, sort through all the thoughts, wondering what people would want to hear and what would be just gibberish and get it all down in half way coherent sentences. Not to mention my lack of proper paragraphing. I never did learn to do that right. Oh well, it is what it is.

Oh, and one last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!

Professional Picture Day - These are obviously not them.

Pool Party

The girl loves Legos! I've never seen her play with them like this.

All but one of the girls waiting to go on stage

Cute Little Tushies

My precious ballerina

My precious cowgirl


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you have been busy....
LOVE the photos..
I am glad you updated.. you should just write what you want to write.. not what everyone else wants..
I can't believe you forgot a BOW....
Have a great week..
And you did get the PERFECT little girl..she is BEAUTIFUL...

Lindsay said...

Love the recital photos - Chani looks gorgeous in her ballering outfit. Too precious!

Lisa~~ said...

Adorable!! Glad that Chani had a good first experience on stage.

Randi said...

Love the ballerina pics!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Yay! So glad to see you on the blog again! :)

Chani is too stinkin' cute in those costumes.

LOL! I am with Kim - you forgot the BOW??!! It's called "mommy brain". I have it too. :)

Pug Mama said...

Cutest thing I have ever seen!!!
Ok, where is the accompanying video of the recital???!!!!

Shari U said...

There is NOTHING cuter than a little girl with a diaper under her leotard! Kathy, I cried, too! Chani was absolutely beautiful and I loved the way she kept looking up at Miss Amanda to see what she was supposed to be doing next. A lovely ballerina! Abby is 6 and I still cry watching her when she dances. I'm glad we had the same recital, it was nice to meet you.