Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potty Training

Warning: Turn away now if you're squeamish about this topic. Although it's not bad.

So, we decided that it was time to get to training her. Last Thursday after school, we removed her final diaper and tossed it out along with the rest of them in the trash can. She was bare bottom running around the house for a few days. She had a few accidents but did really well overall. We moved the potty seat into the living room which made things much easier. On the third day, we moved it back and she was going in there on her own and then announcing that she had. We gave her a sticker for each time she pottied and that chart filled up quickly. Each time she poops, she gets a small toy of her choice. That's not going so well. She is scared to go into the potty chair. She gets really nervous and wants to get up so I have to hold her hands and talk her through it.

We went out for about three hours and she held it the entire time, even though we tried going 3-4 times. Once we got home, no problem. I ordered a traveling potty chair so hopefully it will be here in the next couple of days.

I thought she would do fine at school. Boy was I wrong. First of all, she spilled some water and needed to be changed into her spare outfit. Then, she told her teacher that she needed to go potty and she sat there and said she was done without going. The teacher had her stay a bit longer but still nothing so she let her get up. A few minutes later, yep, you guessed it, she ended up going on the floor. I didn't quite get the whole story but she had on the spare outfit that I had sent and had gone through two pair of panties. Anyway, the teacher put her in someone else's pull up. It was new of course but does this bother anyone else? I was so upset and I told her NOT to put her in a pull up again. I'd rather her go bare bottom under her pants than go back to a diaper. We only use pull ups at night time. There is no way I am going to put her back in a diaper now. She has done so well without them. I'm thinking that maybe the teacher just had her hands full that day and didn't give Chani the attention that she needed. Nor did she want to risk her going on the floor and instead of paying more attention to her, she just did took the easy route. The teacher usually fills out a daily sheet with comments on how she did. Well, she didn't have time yesterday so I'm thinking that might be it. Also, in the beginning, she told me that she would help in any way that she could once we did train her so I felt comfortable that she would help her. Now I'm not so sure about that. Chani still loves going and seems to have a great time. Oh, and she was dry when we got home and I removed the pull up. Any thoughts?


Briana's Mom said...

Love the ceremonial throwing away of the diapers!

Hmmm, the preschool thing is hard. Wish I had some good advice. Chani is still so new at going on the potty. The first couple of weeks that Bri was potty trained, she would sometimes tell me she needed to go and sometimes (ok, a lot of times) I had to ask her. And we still had a few accidents even with my constant prompting. With a room full of kids, I'm not sure how often the teacher can asks her to go and sits with her until she goes.

Did the teacher run out of panties for Chani - is that why she put on a pull up? If she ran out of panties, maybe she didn't want to put pants on Chani without something being under there. Now that the teacher knows not to put a pull up on her in the day, hopefully she will make sure to watch Chani a little closer.

I still put a pull up on Briana for a nap - just in case. She usually wakes up dry. There was one time that I didn't put one on and that was the time she peed her pants. Of course!

Lindsay said...

My only advice is to send lots of changes of clothes :) Hannah is pretty good at nursery and her teacher is a great help, and we rarely have accidents. However I still tend to send Hannah with a minimum of 3 changes of clothes in her locker at the start of the week, and keep it topped up (mostly she needs clean tops actually) as the week goes on. I can understand totally your wish not to have her go back in pull ups, but I guess if Chani had no other clothes to change into if she had another accident, then it was the best solution at that time.

Hope it continues to go well. Isn't it a 'fun' time?

Kim said...

We use pull ups and have a conversation every morning how Natalie isn't going to poo on Cinderella today lol

We've had some regression, but she is almost 100% at school, she just gets distracted with her toys I think at night.

Shari U said...

I have to agree with you on the pull-up. With my 4, the most difficult to train was the first and I believe it was because I used pull-ups for her when we left the house. It took almost until her 3rd birthday to have her completely trained. With the next 3, I only used pull-ups for sleeping and they were all trained in a matter of days. Chani looks so proud of herself throwing her diapers in the trash. I'm kind of sad I won't get to see her in another dance recital with her diaper under her leotard, though!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Yeah for Miss Chani...