Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our trip up north

Chani and I made an all too short trip up north to Iowa to visit with family. I hadn't been back since my Dad died nor had anyone on his side of the family met Chani so we thought it was time.

We purchased a sit n stroll stroller for our trips. It did make things rather easy. One time we did a trip and didn't have a car seat and found it rather difficult to get from the airport to the hotel without one. We managed but learned a valuable lesson so we broke down and bought this. It is a great concept but the quality just isn't there for either a stroller or car seat. It converts rather easily but in coach class seats, it doesn't quite fit. We had to get a seat belt extension. The belt fits right across their chest so they are pretty restrained. I found it difficult to strap into the car too. I ended up just using the standard seat belt each time she got in and out on top of the harness. It was pain but it worked. It was great having her both her seat and stroller and fairly easy to get around with it when she would sit in it. She loved to push it by herself.

We arrived in Kansas City, Mo, rented a car and drove to Iowa. Once we got there, I stopped and picked up some flowers and went to the cemetery. This was very difficult. I tried to explain to Chani that it would be sad for me and I would probably cry which I did. She just looked at me funny and kept saying, "Mommy's sad." They have a pond there with koi in it and as a child, we would go and feed them bread. We did this every time we went out there so Chani and I did that too. The weather was perfect and nearing evening. We walked around the pond, sitting at one point and had a blast tossing in the bread. We left and I told her that I wasn't sad anymore but was happy again. We went to our hotel, checked in and went to sleep.

The next morning, we went to my Grandma and Cleo's new place. They had sold the house and all their belongings and moved into a retirement community. They didn't have quite enough room for us to stay with them and the local hotel was booked so we had to stay about 30 miles away. We made it there just before lunch time. My aunt came down and we had a nice dinner. After our nap, we drove to a different town another 30 miles further away and met up with fellow bloggers Michael and Kimberly and their little girl Miaya. She was adorable. We found out that Kimberly grew up in a house that Cleo's parents had built. Cleo would be my step-grandfather, I think. He's married my Grandma awhile after Grandpa died some 20 plus years ago. We've always called him Cleo. Chani calls him "key o". We stayed for "supper" and wayyyyy too late and had to drive an hour to get back.

The next day, we drove back to Grandmas and spent the day with them. Along the way, I drove by my old house where we grew up. It hasn't changed much but it was fun to see it. My Grandma is the best cook. She is 93 years old and still makes homemade noodles. Oh, they were sooo good. She also makes homemade rhubarb jam which I was so fortunate enough to bring home a couple of jars. We went out and picked some rhubarb and also went to the cemetery again. When Chani saw where we were, she said, "Mommy's sad but she's happy now." It's funny that she connects the two things. Later on that afternoon, we did manage to leave a bit earlier and went to the hotel to pack and settle in for the night. Leaving was difficult too.

I'll do another post to wrap up the visit as this one is getting too long.

At the pond, feeding the fish.

My Grandma and Chani.

She adored Cleo.

My Aunt Pat

Love this photo of their hands.

She adored Grandma too. She loved sitting on her lap.

She loved walking with Cleo.

And Pat.


Finally playing ball.

Gift Giving.

Chani on Miaya's prized tractor.

Both girls.

Our last day with Grandma.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like you had a great time..
Love Chani's little green outfit..
Have a great week.
Special photos of your grandparents..LOVE THEM..

Randi said...

You will treasure those photos of Chani and her great grandparents forever. You are lucky they were able to meet and enjoy each other. That is just so great.