Friday, May 01, 2009

Many ramblings

Just some ramble thoughts.
We were at the park the other day.
There was a mud puddle and she thought it would be fun to stick her head in it. I have no idea why.

She was so proud of her muddy hands.

I've also completed a sample board of my bows. I've posted about them over HERE in case anyone is interested.

I've packed my bags and am ready to go visit my Grandma. This will be Chani's first visit with her and a few other family members who have yet to meet her. I'm a bit anxious about traveling alone with her. Matt is staying at home this time so it will be just Chani and me. Hopefully everything will run smoothly. We're also going to meet some bloggy buds, Michael and Kimberly. They are from a small town that my Dad grew up in and they actually know some of my extended family. Can't wait to finally meet them! They brought Miaya home not quite a year ago.

We also plan on spending a day in Kansas City. My cousin and nephew both live there so we're going to have lunch with one and dinner with the other one, in between a discovery kids museum and the zoo. It is going to be a fun filled fast vacation. I almost wish that I had another couple of days.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

SOunds like you are going to have soooo much fun..
Love the sample board..
Love the bows..
Chani is tooo cute..
Have a great weekend and safe trip..

Briana's Mom said...

Have a great trip! You'll do just fine traveling alone!

I am still giggling about Chani sticking her head in the mud.

The sample board looks great!

We'll catch up when you get back.

Anna said...

Chani is so cute!
She makes simple things amazing. :)

Today is my first time to see your bows on web, they look just great!

Kimberly said...

Sticking her head in the mud....oh my gosh how cute...I of course did not share this with Miaya! Can't wait to see you today. Be careful there is movie being shot on hwy 34 and there is a farm auction at the bottom of our huh!


Love the pics and the bows!! I still want to get together to see what you can create for the new little outfits for EG. Hope your trip is great!! Looking forward to seeing you sometime when you get back. Would love for the girls to have a play-date and I would love for us to paint a pic at your studio :o)

Shari U said...

Just wanted to say hi. It was nice meeting you at the dance recital this morning. Chani is beautiful and such a pretty little ballerina!