Thursday, April 16, 2009

Missed Them

I didn't know how I could ever miss someone so much. Matt and Chani are finally home after four nights without them. The two of them went on a mini vacation to Pennsylvania to visit with Matt's family over Easter. Air flights were pretty reasonable a couple of months ago so I booked one for them and then next month, Chani and I will fly to Iowa to visit with my family.

I stayed home and did some MAJOR cleaning and I mean MAJOR! I cleared out all three floors and did some major organization. My largest task was to get the basement done. You see, it is unfinished and when we moved in three years ago, we just used it as a storage. Over time, it has become a mixed up mess of crap and junk everywhere with no rhyme or reason and it has been driving me crazy. I had wanted to get it cleaned out before we went to China but that never happened. So, while the family (I love saying that) went to PA, I donned my grubby clothes and headed to the yucky dirty basement. I spent the entire time I was awake except for about two hours each day cleaning. I unpacked boxes, moved things around, dusted and swept. It was a huge job.

We seem to have a problem with spiders and ladybugs down there. I swept up a ton of dead ones and then I texted Matt to tell him about it. I told him that I wish there was a demand for ladybug carcases then we'd be rich. He texted me back, "We have each other and Chani. We are already rich." Matt rarely and I mean rarely ever says things like this without a follow up comment. Guess he was missing me too.

It's really good to have them back home again, although it was nice having a couple of days to myself. I didn't quite finish it all but 90% of it is done and one day when I have a couple of hours, I'll be able to finish it up. It does look fantastic now though!

My next goal is to get all the garage sale stuff priced and taken out to the garage over the next week for the huge neighborhood sale. I'm pricing it all very low so I can get rid of it. I know for sure it's not going back into the basement!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

WOW.. you have been busy busy busy..
Can't wait to see what you have done with the basement..
Glad you have the family home..
Have a great week.

Catherine said...

What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment you must have! This type of cleaning is so overwhelming but feels so good when it's done! Way to go!!

Glad your precious family is all under one roof again.

Kim said...

I'd so love to go to your garage sale, I bet you have some great things :) Goodness knows with the wait you had plenty of time to get stuff. I ended up buying enough things for several kids.