Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So excited

I'm so excited about this but I'll spare you the picture. Chani did her big business in the potty chair. She got up and asked, "What's that?" I told her what it was and then she said, "yay!" She was so proud. She had to take it in to show Daddy. I thought he would scoff at it but he didn't and praised her too. I think we're getting close to being ready.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter has come and gone but I just had to post a few photos. We did several egg hunts this year and visited with the Easter bunny. He came a few days early to our house because Chani and her Daddy went to visit with her Grandparents over the weekend. Here are various photos of different days.

Our 2nd hunt was at the Bounce House where we went with our playgroup friends. They were limited to ten eggs and then they could play. Once we had our ten, we had to leave as she was having a huge meltdown. Later on that day, we visited the Easter bunny for a photo. I failed to bring my camera to the first egg hunt. I so wish I had it there. The ground was covered with eggs!

Our next hunt was at Katie's house along with coloring eggs.

Chani and Katie sitting down for a chat.

Coloring the eggs with our friends.

Chani's really into the blue one.

All lined up for the hunt to begin. Chani looks so small compared to all of them.

Finding the eggs.

After they did that, they went out to play.

She's really getting brave with her climbing.

Our next time was a home where the three of us colored some more eggs.

The morning after the Easter bunny visited. She had a blast and was finding eggs all day long. We had a couple casualties which she thought was so funny.

Then, they left bright and early the next morning and I went to work cleaning.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Katie's Safari Birthday Party

This weekend, we went to a really cool birthday party. I'm thinking Chani's was pretty lame compared to this one. The theme was Dora but focused more on Diego. As we approached we saw a huge bounce house with Dora on the front, and a huge blow up slide. The smell of popcorn was in the air as well. Dora and Diego were hung there on the window greeting all the guests. After everyone arrived, we headed outside to go hunting on a safari. Each kid received an adorable orange backpack, a pair of binoculars, and an animal hat. They ran around the yard searching for little hidden animals. Chani ended up tigers, giraffes, leopards, a hippo and others. It was so cute! Afterwards, they shunned the shoes and jumped in the bounce house and slid down the slide. They also found their way to the swings, slides and sandbox. The kids had a blast! Afterwards, we went inside and had sandwiches and cake and then opened presents. It was quite the creative party.

On our way to the party. It was a beautiful day!

Playing in the Hula hoop with the birthday girl as we waited for others to come.

Ready for the hunt! How cute is this?

Finding the animals! Also, isn't this adorable?

Going on a safari! I think Katie's Grandma made the backpacks.

See the hippo? Chani had a little trouble seeing it.

This LOOKS fun as long at Thorsten is there!

Pure terror!

That was fun! Again!! And, she did a few more times. Poor Chani, Momma forgot the diaper cover. Whoops.

Yummy! Chocolate Cake!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Missed Them

I didn't know how I could ever miss someone so much. Matt and Chani are finally home after four nights without them. The two of them went on a mini vacation to Pennsylvania to visit with Matt's family over Easter. Air flights were pretty reasonable a couple of months ago so I booked one for them and then next month, Chani and I will fly to Iowa to visit with my family.

I stayed home and did some MAJOR cleaning and I mean MAJOR! I cleared out all three floors and did some major organization. My largest task was to get the basement done. You see, it is unfinished and when we moved in three years ago, we just used it as a storage. Over time, it has become a mixed up mess of crap and junk everywhere with no rhyme or reason and it has been driving me crazy. I had wanted to get it cleaned out before we went to China but that never happened. So, while the family (I love saying that) went to PA, I donned my grubby clothes and headed to the yucky dirty basement. I spent the entire time I was awake except for about two hours each day cleaning. I unpacked boxes, moved things around, dusted and swept. It was a huge job.

We seem to have a problem with spiders and ladybugs down there. I swept up a ton of dead ones and then I texted Matt to tell him about it. I told him that I wish there was a demand for ladybug carcases then we'd be rich. He texted me back, "We have each other and Chani. We are already rich." Matt rarely and I mean rarely ever says things like this without a follow up comment. Guess he was missing me too.

It's really good to have them back home again, although it was nice having a couple of days to myself. I didn't quite finish it all but 90% of it is done and one day when I have a couple of hours, I'll be able to finish it up. It does look fantastic now though!

My next goal is to get all the garage sale stuff priced and taken out to the garage over the next week for the huge neighborhood sale. I'm pricing it all very low so I can get rid of it. I know for sure it's not going back into the basement!