Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preschool is a success

Well, she LOVED it. She walked in there all proud of herself and walked right back to her classroom. She went in and although a bit standoffish, she did rather well. She knew that we were going to be leaving her and she was perfectly okay with it. She hugged and kissed us both good-bye and then waved to us as we were leaving. My little girl is growing up so freakin fast. She wants to go back so we officially enrolled her. We're going to do a trial independent class for gymnastics next Monday so that will free up our Tuesday. Hopefully she'll be okay with that one and we'll be all set with scheduling.

We had a couple more firsts this week too. I had picked up a toddler bed frame at a consignment sale and finally got it cleaned up and when she saw it, she wanted to sleep in it so we gave it a shot. Again, she loves it. She hasn't come out of her room yet which I'm sure will be just a matter of time. When I hear her up, the last couple of times, she was standing at her door. Also, when I peak in on her with the video monitor, she is sideways in the bed. Way too cute!

She's pretending to sleep.

Yesterday, we finally met Randi's little Emma. This little girl is so ADORABLE. Randi and Lisa were two of the very first adopters that I met when we first started our adoption journey about three years ago. Now, all three of us finally have our babies. It was so much fun seeing all three girls together.


Briana's Mom said...

Awww, I loved seeing the girls all together. It warms my heart!!!

That bed is so freakin' cute. I've never seen one so small - LOL! She is adorable.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the photos..
Sounds like Chani is doing well.
Ok.. did you paint her room ...???
I want to paint white fences in the new room for the girls..
I need help...
Have a great week..

Anna said...

It looks like Chani is doing very well with the school! I remember my first day to school seeing other kids crying while they were parting with their parents.
Chani has been growing up so much! She is now more independent than the first time I saw her on the blog!


Awww! How cute!! I just love the new bed!! I still haven't converted Emily Grace's crib into the toddler bed....maybe my lame attempt to keep her as a baby subconsciously. Pretty sad huh?

Catherine said...

Yay Chani!! Glad you're enjoying preschool!

Cute little bed too!