Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preschool is a success

Well, she LOVED it. She walked in there all proud of herself and walked right back to her classroom. She went in and although a bit standoffish, she did rather well. She knew that we were going to be leaving her and she was perfectly okay with it. She hugged and kissed us both good-bye and then waved to us as we were leaving. My little girl is growing up so freakin fast. She wants to go back so we officially enrolled her. We're going to do a trial independent class for gymnastics next Monday so that will free up our Tuesday. Hopefully she'll be okay with that one and we'll be all set with scheduling.

We had a couple more firsts this week too. I had picked up a toddler bed frame at a consignment sale and finally got it cleaned up and when she saw it, she wanted to sleep in it so we gave it a shot. Again, she loves it. She hasn't come out of her room yet which I'm sure will be just a matter of time. When I hear her up, the last couple of times, she was standing at her door. Also, when I peak in on her with the video monitor, she is sideways in the bed. Way too cute!

She's pretending to sleep.

Yesterday, we finally met Randi's little Emma. This little girl is so ADORABLE. Randi and Lisa were two of the very first adopters that I met when we first started our adoption journey about three years ago. Now, all three of us finally have our babies. It was so much fun seeing all three girls together.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trial Day - A HUGE step

This last weekend, Matt, Chani and I decided to check out one of the local preschools. They had an open house and it seems like all of Chani's friends will be going to one this fall so we wanted to look into it. I had decided that I didn't want to put her in one quite yet and would wait another year at least. After all, she is only 2 whereas most of her friends are all about a year older than she is. We went to check it out with the intention of putting her on a waiting list or whatever we would need to do for the fall of 2010.

The place was clean and had separate areas for different ages. There were many stages in the room for different activities. They even had a bathroom sized for little ones. In the two year old class, she will be learning colors, shapes, how to share and interact with other kids. Each classroom has their own door that goes to the outside fenced area with slides, swings, bikes, a patio, etc. They will be planting a garden and each child will be able to help with that. They are fed snacks and lunch. There are different programs and one is twice a week for 3 1/2 hours each.

It sounds like a great place so why am I so apprehensive about taking her? I've been a wreck the last couple of nights and have decided that I'm just not ready for her to leave me yet. But, I had already committed to a trial day for this morning. I got her up and ready for the day, including breakfast and milk all before 8:00, talking about how great and fun her day would be and that we would pick her up after lunch.

Matt got out of bed and went with me. Again, I was feeling quite nervous about leaving her. We walked into the place and she felt really comfortable. We walked back towards her classroom and walked in. She was fine. She wanted to take off her jacket. She then went to a chair and was so comfortable. She knew we were going to leave her to play and was perfectly okay with it. She hugged and kissed us both and waved good-bye. I was pretty floored as to her reaction. I thought for sure that she would cling to me and not want me to leave but she was nowhere near that reaction. Now, if I can only get through the next 2 1/2 hours without her. I'm anxious to see how she liked it and if she wants to go back.

If I sign her up before the end of the month, they will waive the registration fee so I have to make a decision pretty quick. They also have the space available right now so while all her friends are waiting until Fall when the school session starts, this particular class is year round and she'll start right away. I will need to adjust her gymnastics class but I think it's doable. It will be nice to have a few hours a week to myself.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This last weekend, at the last minute, we decided to continue with our tradition of spending our anniversary in a town, city, state or country that ends with the "e" sound. So far, we've been able to keep up with this tradition which just happened to fall into place the first couple of years.

We headed up to Tennessee. We received a flier in the mail advertising a new water park up in Sevierville so we decided to go. We dropped everything and headed up. It was such a short trip that it's all just a blur. Chani did great on both car rides. When we arrived, we had expected a one bedroom suite. Well, we ended up with a studio, complete with full kitchen and a murphy bed. Well, in order to get the one bedroom, we had to open up the go between doors. So, basically, we rented two rooms. The second room had three beds and a microwave and refrigerator. I kind of felt ripped off. Not too happy with the place.

The water park was included in the price but it was a bit cold so we didn't stay but for a couple of hours. They did have some really nice play areas. Chani had a great wading pool with swings, slides, water shooting from fountains, falling from buckets, etc. She loved the slide.

Along with our room, we got free u-pick tickets. So, instead of playing in the water the second day, we decided to go to some of the attractions. We went to Ripley's Believe it or not which was actually kind of cool. Not so much for Chani but I thought it was interesting. We also went to a maze of mirrors which also was kind of neat. We had free admission to the aquarium so we went there also. After all of those, we hopped in the car and before we had it in reverse, she was out and we headed home. She slept for a good hour and then was wide awake. For some reason, she started saying Daddy-O. Matt would then call her Chani-O. They went back and forth at least 100 times, long and short, soft and loud. It was really cute.

We stopped by an A&W/Long John Silvers and both Matt and I ended up sick.

We had to rush home because I had to go work at a consignment sale Tuesday morning. Since I was sick, I was dragging so much by the end of the four hours. I hadn't eaten at all all day and even though I stopped and picked up a hamburger on the way home, I couldn't eat it. When I got home, I had a slight fever so I took a bath and climbed into bed. This morning, it took all I had to choke down a bowl of cereal. I just am not hungry at all and even though my fever is gone, I'm still not 100%. But, the presale was today so I did manage to go there and found a toddler bed and picked up some play kitchen tools that I saw come in yesterday.

And now, for a few photos.

Toddler area

Shot of the indoor water park

Leaving the hotel

An outside shot of the water slides. These were too big for her.

She loved sticking her hand inside here to find out what was inside.

We were able to touch this sting ray as it swam around. It was slimy.

Walking along the footbridge from the aquarium to shopping area of Gatlinburg.

The huge chair at Ripley's.

The mirror maze