Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just a not so brief Moment

Since everyone is asking how the cruise went, I thought I'd wrap it all up in one shot here. I thought it would be brief but it ended up longer than I thought.

We left the cold Atlanta weather - no wait, I thought it was hotlanta - oh well, it was cold then and we loaded up the car to head to the airport. The night before, Christy and I went to get pedicures and I had placed my "travel" wallet in my heavy coat pocket. Upon arriving home, I hung my coat up and switched to a jacket to take with me. Well, the wallet didn't make the switch. I did have our passports so that was my only ID. We stayed at the Marriott on bonus points, THANKS Steve!! And, then met Pam and Steve in their room the next morning, ate a free breakfast and then grabbed a shuttle to the port. Oh yeah, back at the airport, we had a very hard time getting a Taxi due to no car seat. Luckily we were able to get a shuttle but it made us a bit nervous as no one was willing to take us. I see one of those stroller/car seat combo things in our near future.

Back at the port, we boarded after a bit of a wait but it went fairly well. Chani fell asleep on her way in and both her embarkation photo and our souvenir photos she is zonked.

Only highlights of the trip. If you want more details or opinion of ports or ship, just ask.

Day 2 - At sea - Signed Chani up for the kids program but never used it and did the usual first day stuff. This time, we were able to go to the evening entertainment which was really nice. Last year, we didn't want to mess with her schedule so we skipped them all and had her in bed.

Day 3 - Samana, Dominican Republic - There was a tender over to land. Once there, there was nothing within walking distance so our only options were to take the local taxi tour or get back on the boat. It started pouring once we were on land so we opted for choice No. 2 and did boat activities. - My birthday!

Day 4 - Tortola, B.V.I. - Beach! - Chani's birthday!
Day 5 - St. John's, Antigua - Beach!
Day 6 - Bridgetown, Barbados - Beach!

Now, on all of the beach days, we hired a taxi that was just outside the pier. If we had taken a beach excursion booked with the ship, we would have paid $130 for a beach tour for the three of us. We took a taxi for $12.

Day 7 - Castries, St. Lucia - We took a local tour and went to Soufriere and The Pitons. The first was a volcano that is dormant but the smell of the sulfur - Wow - It was quite pungent. Also, steam was rising as well as some boiling points. We also saw the Pitons which are two mountain peaks. We did some local stopping along the way and tasted a thing called a float. It was like a donut but without much sugar. It was pretty tasty.

Day 8&9 - At sea - Did ship activities and hung out at the pools. - Matt's birthday and Valentine's Day! Every time we saw the backdrop for the photos, she wanted to get her "pee-sure" taken. I did buy a few cute photos but they weren't the greatest.

Our trip was nothing spectacular but it was relaxing and fun. Chani did fairly well and LOVED Pam and Steve. She kept calling Pam, HAM and learned some new words like "Whateva" "Disgusting" "Ewwww" and "Pee-yew" Thanks again Steve!!! She also learned to dip her Cheerios into her yogurt. All her favorite foods seemed "disgusting" to her pallet this week so she lived on yogurt and hot dogs. Not even Mac and cheese would please her. She also, for some reason dissed me most of the week. She wanted Daddy or Pam or Steve but not me. It did give me a break which was rather nice although a bit irritating at times. She ate way more chocolate and desserts that she has had in her entire lifetime. That led to many tantrums and many time outs. She didn't sleep very well either. We tried letting her sleep in our bed but she kicked way too much.

As we arrived in Miami, we were heading down to meet Pam and Steve in the atrium to wait for our trip to the airport. Well, I looked for my phone and couldn't find it. I searched my bags and still no phone. Matt went back to the room to see if I left it there but he came back empty handed. We all searched again but nothing. So, I decided to go check for myself and there it was in the room. I won't tell you exactly which room it was because it's kind of embarrassing as to where I left it. Now it was our time to disembark and guess who fell asleep in her stroller. No, not Pam. We said our good-byes and each took different buses to different airports. At the airport, we found out that we couldn't check in 5 hours prior to our flight. We were leaving at 4:20. We had to wait about 30 minutes before doing so. At 11:18, we attempted to check in but were rejected due to the five hour rule. So, we hung out for a couple of minutes and then it let us. We checked our two bags and went to find some lunch. Let me tell you, the Miami airport is a very old and run down airport. Nor, is there much in the way of food. But, we still had a good time watching the planes and even a little bird had gotten into the terminal so we watched it too.

Back in Atlanta, one of our bags was the very first off the plane. How about that! Then, the second was just a couple later. Sweet! On the ride home, which was early evening, I told Matt that even though it was a long day, I wasn't exhausted like I usually am after a trip. I felt great. After stopping for dinner and picking up Bindi, we arrived home and had Chani in bed around 9PM which is extremely late for her. She woke at 6 the next day so it was another short night for her. We had about a 1 1/2 hr morning nap and then a 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap. We had to wake her from her nap and then back to her normal bedtime. She is also back to eating fruits at least and NO "cock it" chocolate.

With no wallet, I didn't spend much and only came home with a couple of pins, thimbles and pictures.

I'm back to my break, even though I have a lot that I would like to post, I just don't have much time this month.

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