Saturday, December 27, 2008

Overwhelming Christmas

First, let me say that Chani is sick. She has been coughing, sneezing and has a runny nose that will not quit. I'm sick now with the same thing and am waiting for Matt to get it too. That dampened the holiday quite a bit even though it was huge.

Last year we had just returned home from China with Chani and we did what we could in the small amount of time we had to throw together a small quiet Christmas for her. This year, I wanted to do it big but looking back, I think I went a bit overboard with it. The sales were just too good to pass up so she ended up with so much stuff. On the bright side, she now has her birthday gifts all purchased too. I will put quite a bit of it away for now and bring it out later on. Some stuff I have had for over two years while waiting for her.

It again was just the three of us and no family on either side near us so this is all we have. We started the night before with our traditional Chili dinner. We then decorated gingerbread cookies or I did it rather since she is sick and I didn't want her coughing or sneezing all over them. She and I set out the plates with cookies and carrots and a glass of milk. We then read Twas the Night Before Christmas and each opened up one gift of new pajamas which we all wore the next day. Okay, Matt's wasn't new but they were his traditional Christmas day ones.

We both went to wake her and let her know that Santa had come. We brought her to the railing and let her look down. She just had a blank expression. No surprise, no wow, just blank. We brought her down and she immediately went to the piano. It was the hit of the day. We then opened our stockings and let her open presents. We took a break for breakfast and had another go. Her little nose was so sore due to so much wiping. She started having a melt down so around 10 or so, we had to take another break for a nap. We did that and then had a turkey dinner and played with some of the things that she had already opened. We had barely made a dent in the unwrapping. After her afternoon nap, we continued with more presents which took most of the rest of the day. It was so nice for bedtime to come. We were all exhausted by the end of the day. Next year, I think we'll go back to small. Or, I will only get her the larger more elaborate gifts and pass on the smaller stuff.

I thought about taking her to the doctor yesterday but she seemed to be doing a bit better so I didn't. We're using Vick's on her chest and back with a humidifier in her room too. Her fever has broken and she is back to normal now with that. Hopefully the worst is over now.

Gingerbread House and Cookies that she would have helped if she had not been sick.

Christmas Eve. She really enjoyed posing in front of the tree and would run to it when I grabbed the camera. Cookies and carrots we left for Santa and his reindeer.

Before she came down the stairs.

The aftermath


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Chani has enough stuff for a few years...
I soooo understand...
LOVE all the gifts.. the kitchen is sooo adorable..
Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well..
Glad Chani is feeling better..
Hugs girly..
Have a Wonderful New Year's...

amy said...

wow. that is A LOT OF gifts and I sure we will be the same way.. She may have been sick but she is soo pretty

Lisa~~ said...

Love the kitchen set, Matt did a great job! You sure did go big, makes our Christmas look like Scrooge was Santa. Sorry that you've been sick, if you need anything give me a call

Briana's Mom said...

WOW!!!! I don't think I have seen so many gifts in one room! LOL!

Chani looks so cute in her jammies.

Sorry you all have been sick. Feel better soon!

Kim said...

Holy cow, that is an awesome pile of loot! If I had more space I would of bought way more.

Stacey said...

Where did you get the cute kichen set? I love it. Sorry your little sweetie was sick for the big day, but she was still cute as a bug.

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