Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Final Visit For Sure.

Okay, so I thought that our last visit with old St. Nick would be our final one before the big day but when the opportunity arose, we couldn't resist. We got up bright and early and went to the consignment store that sells my bows and waited in line until he got there. We were first but we let a couple others go ahead of us so she could warm up to the idea. It was soooo not crowded and if you ever have the opportunity to do visit him in a small setting, I'd highly recommend it over the crowded mall and comercialism. Santa graciously let me take over 100 photos of him. He went through the line of children and then we were able to go back up and visit with him. Then, what he did next absolutely shocked me. Thorsten was sitting on the floor with both girls, reading a story when the old guy got down on the floor too. He then gathered up both girls and read them a story. I couldn't believe it. Oh, how I wish she would remember that when she's my age. It was a lovely time.


Pug Mama said...

Ohhhh, I like THIS Santa MUCH better!!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas - we are leaving for out of town.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the pictures..
Chani is tooo cute..
Have a Merry Christmas..

Lisa~~ said...

She's now on a roll with the guy in red. Very sweet the piccie of him on the floor reading to the girls. Have a great Christmas.

Catherine said...

How cute! Love how Santa's sitting on the floor reading to the girls. Precious!

Merry Christmas friend!

Kim said...

That is just too sweet, I am so glad you took the 100 pictures to show her when she's older :)