Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a kite!!

UPDATE: I should probably clarify that I did not take this photo. It's one that I found online. I wish I were that good at taking pictures but I'm not.

This morning, Chani and I headed downtown for lunch. One of our China travel mates came to town for a conference so we went down to have lunch with her. It was so much fun seeing her and talking about the girls. Since she was here on business, her girls had to stay at home and didn't get to come. We missed seeing them but had a great time anyway.

Before we had lunch, and since we were so close, Chani and I went to the Georgia Aquarium. This was the first time that we've ever been there alone. It was pretty quiet and not many people were there so it was really nice. They are doing tons of construction for new exhibits and the members entrance was closed as well. We had to walk to the main entrance where a bunch of people were waiting. We didn't have to wait but were able to walk right by them all and go right in. That perk alone was so totally worth being a member. One of very first exhibits as you walk into the place is on either side of you, some fish that all swim in one direction, the same as you are walking. It appears that they are leading you into the place. I've never noticed it before and thought it was pretty cool looking. We only had an hour to visit so we did the major tanks and spent some time at the touching pools. I've never been there when it was so uncrowded. I've also never noticed so many employees scattered around. Perhaps it was because there just wasn't that many people around and they just stuck out more or else they did a major hiring. One of the cutest moments of the trip was when we were under the arch. She looked up and saw a sting ray and said, "A kite." Too cute!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Glad you had a Great time today..
LOVE the picture..
Have a Great Week.
HUGS girly..

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You gotta love it when you have a place to yourself...
And Chani... it is the most gorgeous kite... hugs to you little princess

Kim said...

very cool picture :)