Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

What a fun filled, FULL day we had. We started out with going to her final ballet/tumble class. Since it was a party day, both classes combined for a huge and chaotic day. We started with the tumbling and then moved into ballet. Not much of a class since there were so many people there. All the kids dressed in their own costumes and seemed to really enjoy it. A lot of the Dads came which was really nice. We signed up for the winter session ballet/tap class next and ordered some tap shoes and a new leotard. We were also invited to a different gymnastics class on Tuesdays so once our music class is over, we'll start that.

1. Munching on pretzels.
2. Having tons of fun.
3. Her friend Savannah.
4. Sweet hugs from Savannah.
5. Her friend Malia.
6. Tap Shoes.

Right after that, we headed home to our subdivision where we had a neighborhood party for the little tykes. We arrived a bit late but had a great time catching up on crafts, lunch, a story and games. During the story, she got to be the "hat". She didn't quite understand it and was more interested in looking at the pool saying water over and over again. After all of this, she was wiped on top of having a cold so we went back home for a much needed nap and some quite time. I even took a nap.

1. What's in the goody bag?
2. Her friend Dylan
3. Story time
4. Family Photo
5. Playing Hot Potato
6. Playing Limbo

We had planned on going downtown for some fun activities but decided that we'd better keep her strength for the evening. It actually ended up being a good thing since one of our neighbors said they went and it was pretty lame. Daddy went and fetched some dinner so we ate that and then put on our costume once again. We drove over to Rachel's street, parked the car and walked around a bit. I got to hold Torin who is now 7 weeks old. He's still as tiny as ever and cute as a button. I sooo wanted to take him home. We then walked around to about 15 houses. A few of them set out bowls of candy with their lights on. Her very first house was like that. The second one she did manage to get out trick or treat and thank you. I think she only did it about 20% of the time. After we drove to another neighbor down the street, we headed back and Matt let us off to finish up the closer neighbors. He went to hand out candy. She was really wiped by the time we got home and sadly, we didn't get any pictures of her actually standing at the doors or even walking. Daddy just ended up carrying the camera. The first thing she did when we got home was to dump all her candy on the floor and look at it. It was too cute. Then, the doorbell rang. She went with me to hand out treats. We ended up with 42 kids this year. Each year it gets bigger and bigger. I ran out of candy and was scrambling to find more so I ended up giving out just about all that we had. I then shut off the light and put the little one to bed. It was a super fun day. One that I know I'll remember, even if she doesn't.

1. Holding the cutest dalmation puppy ever!
2. Her very first house.
3. More of getting her own.
4. Looking at the glow stick and wondering what it is.


goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

Randi said...

It really is just so much more fun with kids, isn't it??

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Briana's Mom said...

Wow! Chani was the party girl on Halloween, wasn't she? LOL! She looks like she had the best time! (Looks like mama and daddy did too!)