Sunday, October 12, 2008

Corn Maizes, Cow Feeding, Hay Hiding, Pumpkin Picking, Pig Racing Fun!

Yesterday we went with Lisa and Lisa to ultimately go and pick pumpkins for the fall festivities. Well, little did I realize how much FUN they would have there. Once we all met up, we took the girls straight away to the corn maize where we walked and walked, getting lost a few times and having to turn around a few times. We did take a flag with us, just in case we got way lost and needed some help. I have a feeling this would have been an awesome thing to do on a Saturday night when we were teenagers. Oh, yeah, guess that's a memory. :) - Fun times! It was supposed to take us about an hour and I'm sure it was close to that but I didn't time it. We made it through to the end without having to raise our flag even once. Such a proud moment!

Once we returned the flag, we wondered over to the trampolines. These were permanent structures built just on the ground. The little ones could walk right onto it. They put a height restriction on it so only the younger ones could play. It was pretty cool. The girls would jump and run/walk across it. Or, hide in one case. Hi Maisie! The larger trampoline for the older kids looked like it would have been a lot of fun too.

We tested out the ponies this time and wouldn't you know it, she did want to ride it. So, she and Briana went around and around for a few laps. And, timid little Maisie wouldn't go, even with all of us coaxing her to.

After bouncing and pony rides, we decided to grab a bite there, refuel our bodies and generally sit down for a little bit. We, I mean the girls, sat on tractors, huge pumpkins and had some general photo ops throughout.

We then headed off to do the hayride/dairy farm tour. It started with a lesson on dairy cattle, Holsteins and Jerseys. They had a set up with about 20 calves on display. They were surprisingly very beautiful, for a cow. Chani stuck her tiny little hand out there and let them lick her. She wasn't scared at all. We were given some corn stalk like stuff to give to them and she did that equally as well. She even let them lick her face. Yuck! But, she didn't seem to mind. After getting cleaned up a bit, we watched a gigantic cow being milked and even got to put our fingers into a milking machine. It was quite something to feel the pulsating pressure.

After the milking, we walked through the milk process where they heat it, cool it and finally bottle it. Of course, my child found the puddle of water on the floor much more interesting. Someone in the group, but we won't say who, will we Doug, :) showed Chani just what to do with water puddles. She was splashing, smashing down her feet and having a good ole time. Even so much that others joined her. The girl is fascinated with water. Poor timid little Maisie waited on the other side.

After we did that tour, we were given a fresh bottle of chocolate milk or a small pumpkin. I drank my milk, Matt and Chani both picked pumpkins. And by that, I mean that's what I picked for them. On to the hayride.

We all gathered onto a wagon full of hay being pulled by a tractor and headed for a tour of the farm. We saw where they fix the food for the cows, saw the babies and headed out to the dry area where the pregnant cows were kept. They had about 20 or so of them out there. The sheep dog gathered them all around and they all came up to the wagon to eat from some strategically placed buckets. I guess I've never really seen the beauty in one of these animals. The last time I was really around them was when I was a teenager and we would raise a couple of calves. They were huge!

On our hayride back, we passed a pig race. That was hilarious! They had four pigs run around a track to get to some chocolate milk. Their favorite! It was so cute and the pigs really, really wanted that milk. It was quite a fun surprise. As we deboarded the wagon, we were met by some goats where the girls, ALL THREE girls held out their tiny little hands and fed them. Even Maisie!! First time ever she got that close to an animal. Yay, Maisie! We then ended our day and headed home for a much needed nap.

After resting up a bit, I did the ladies night out with some friends. These few hours of being without the little one and not in front of the TV have been such a nice change of pace. A dacari and a steak later, we headed to the salon for some pampering but, we'd get none. They closed early and were walking out the back door as we pulled up. Guess my toes will need to wait until next spring for a new color.

Now, after rambling on and on, here are quite a few pictures of the day.

Take 2


Briana's Mom said...

Boy we had fun didn't we?! Reading the title makes me tired! We did a lot in a couple short hours! Thanks so much for hanging out with us. We had such a blast!!!!

Your pictures are beautiful! I am swiping some. :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

HOW FUN!!!!!
Looks like the girls had sooo much fun..
LOVE the pictures..
It is amazing how the girls are all growing..
Have a Great Week..

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Sounds like lots of FUN :D
Isn't it great to just watch them run! Love the bows in Chani's hair too - so perfect for fall!
Ladybug hugs,

Lisa~~ said...

It was a fun day, thanks for planning it for all of us. Wow do I ever have the timid child!! I do have some wonderful piccies of her jumping on the yellow bouncy thing, she just wanted to have it all to herself!! I also have piccis of her on the mini tractors so she was just biding her time... Can't wait to do another outing with the little girls again.

Kim said...

What cute pictures :)