Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our day

Today we headed to the doctor's office for her 18 month check up. She is doing absolutely great. She's doing all that she is supposed to do and she looks like she is a healthy eater. She has moved into the 90th percentile on the Chinese growth charts. She has a small protrusion on her belly that I haven't really been concerned with but I had him look at it regardless. It was nothing, just some fatty tissue. Also, her fingernails have some tiny ridges in them but they looked normal to him too and I didn't need to do anything. I love my pediatrician, even though our visit took two hours today. He is so great with her and always seems so happy to see us. Matt had to stay at home today and couldn't go so Lisa stepped in and went with us. She was great with Chani and Chani was with her too. She kept reaching out for Lisa to hold her, even though she's the one who had to hold her down while she got the injections. Chani was a bit tired and acted the part oh so well. Thank you so much Lisa for going with us. I really appreciate it! Anytime you need the favor returned, please just ask.

I also had a nice visit with my neighbor this evening. I don't know them very well and would like to get to know them better. Last week, I took care of their cat. Twice a day I would walk over there, feed her and give her fresh water. She is treated like a queen. Her bowls are on a silver platter and has crystal dishes for feeding and watering. She gets a clean bowl for both water and food twice a day. Lucky kitty. In the mornings, Chani would go with me. It was fun to see Chani with a cat. My cat passed away two years ago and I really miss him, especially after taking care of their cat for a few days. But, not enough to get another one. Besides, Chani is still a bit too young. Perhaps in a few years. I wonder if I could train a cat to use the bathroom outside instead of a litter box. That would be nice.

Speaking of that, guess what Chani did for the very first time tonight?? She used her potty chair!!! For real!!! Not a pretend, fully dressed, get the feel for it kind of way but actually with no diaper. I was so proud!! I knew she was about to go and so I stopped her and took her in there, undressed her and we both sat there for not even a minute. Yay!! My baby girl is growing up so fast.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I can't believe she used the potty... What a smart little girl..
Sounds like she is doing really well.
Have a Great Weekend..

Briana's Mom said...

Way to go Chani!!!

I love our pediatrician - but it takes so freakin' long get out of that office!!!