Monday, September 01, 2008

Another dance class

Not a lot to blog about in my little corner of the world. Here are a few pictures from Chani's dance class on Friday. We didn't do anything for the weekend but stayed home. We have a vacation planned for next weekend BUT, the hurricane Hanna seems to be dampening our plans. Our plans included a day at Disney, lounging on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Now, it's looking like it's not going to happen. The extended forecast calls for thunderstorms daily. I hope it fizzles out. I've been closely been watching Gustov and hope that New Orleans is better prepared this time. I know that thinking about my vacation seems shallow when they are going through such a scary time.

Earlier in the week, we met with some friends and the kids made sun catchers. Chani painted a frog with my help. Not quite able to do it on her own yet but she still had fun pushing the paintbrush around. She loves to draw but we're only doing the color wonder markers so far. She scribbles with crayons occasionally too. She loves music and can turn on the ipod when it's docked. She loves dolls and playing with them. She is becoming more independent and will play by herself for a bit. We were at Wal-Mart the other day and there was this doll that moves/cries as you walk by. I made the mistake of thinking it was so cute so I let her pick one. It doesn't shut up! I had to finally switch it to off. So, if you're thinking about getting one, I'd suggest not to, OR, I have one for sale - "cheap".

Matt is still working on her built-ins. The main structure is complete except for the tops which he is redoing. He's also working on the drawers now and has been daily for a few days now. I hope soon, he'll have them all finished so I can finally put her room together. For Xmas this year, he plans on making her some kitchen pieces. I have found a toaster, blender, coffee maker and a mixing bowl set that I plan to get for her to go with them. They are so adorable, made of wood and painted in pastels. I'll watch for them to go on sale.

Okay, is it wrong to be thinking of Xmas when it's the first day of September? We have a store here called Hobby Lobby and I'm planning a trip there next week. It has been a month or two since I was there and they were putting out holiday stuff. It is quite something. They revamp the entire store for Xmas.

Well, the girl is talking to herself so it's time to go get her out of bed. She is awake a bit early today. Plus, I am rambling.


Pixel Fairy Princess said...

LOL - Dan was just commenting on the fact that maybe passing on Disney this week wasn't such a bad idea after all. We are looking at the first week in October. He promised the kids a trip before we go and Ian is NOT letting him forget it :D

Miss C. look so cute at her dance classes! I sure will miss you guys.

Ladybug hugs,

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You have to think about Christmas a little early.. Or things sell out... but it doesnt seem like Christmas already..
LOVE the pictures..
Sounds like Chani is doing well..
she is sooo adorable..
Can't wait to see her room.. it is going to be darling.
Have a Great Week..
Hope you get to go on Vacation..