Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cute "Catch You!"

Chani has started saying some really cute things. One of them is "catch you" instead of catch me. She's picking up words all the time. "Again" is another one that we hear quite frequently.

Where's the gas???

Okay, I've never seen anything like this before. Matt said back in the 70's it happened but I don't remember it. The last week, gas not only has skyrocketed price wise but it's nowhere to be found. The other day, I passed 8 gas stations and only one had gas. People all over Atlanta are struggling to find gas and if they do, they are waiting in long lines for hours. But, so far, we have been lucky and found gas when we needed it. I'm down to about 1/2 tank and I'm really starting to sweat it. At this point, people don't care how much it is costing. They just need fuel. I've also noticed a few more abandoned cars along the highway. Next week, I'm canceling all unnecessary or unpaid for trips anywhere and staying home.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's a boy!!

Two weeks ago my friend Rachel gave birth to her second child. They named him Torin and he's just adorable and oh so tiny. Chani and I went over to see them when he was just five days old.

Chani and Amber.

Sharing a toy.

Compairing belly buttons.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another major boo boo

Can you say heartache?

We were on our way out to the car on our way to our music class. On our way out the door into the garage, we have three brick steps. Quite some time ago, Matt had put some boxes right beside the steps so she wouldn't fall off the side. Well, these boxes have become a flat surface to catch misc junk. Something up there caught her attention as we were walking out and I told her to leave it alone and walked on to the car to put my junk into it. She usually follows me and I put her into the car. Well, as I was stocking the car, I heard two loud thumps. The final one was quite loud. Then I heard the piercing, heart wrenching wailing. I literally just dropped my stuff and ran to her. The next few minutes were a blur but I do remember bringing her inside and trying not to panic. I ran with her to the bathroom, grabbing the towel and wiping up the gallons, okay what seemed like gallons of blood gushing out her nose. Every time she would exhale, more blood would gush out. She was crying and I was trying desperately to console her, holding her and getting blood all over everything; her clothes, shoes, hands, and even her hair bow, She got it on my clothes, my neck, the couch and the rug but I really didn't care. My baby girl was hurting. I finally stopped the blood, cleaned up her face, changed her clothes and asked her if she still wanted to go to class. My little trooper said yes so off we went. A new handrail is on the shopping list.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Local Area Adoption Dinner

After the apple picking, we went home, grabbed a two hour nap and then headed south to The Grand Asian Buffet. We had several show up and stayed way longer than I'm sure the restaurant wanted us to but we were having such a good time. It had been a long day for us so we were wiped by the time we reached home again. It was great seeing everyone and even meeting a new family.

Our day

Today we headed to the doctor's office for her 18 month check up. She is doing absolutely great. She's doing all that she is supposed to do and she looks like she is a healthy eater. She has moved into the 90th percentile on the Chinese growth charts. She has a small protrusion on her belly that I haven't really been concerned with but I had him look at it regardless. It was nothing, just some fatty tissue. Also, her fingernails have some tiny ridges in them but they looked normal to him too and I didn't need to do anything. I love my pediatrician, even though our visit took two hours today. He is so great with her and always seems so happy to see us. Matt had to stay at home today and couldn't go so Lisa stepped in and went with us. She was great with Chani and Chani was with her too. She kept reaching out for Lisa to hold her, even though she's the one who had to hold her down while she got the injections. Chani was a bit tired and acted the part oh so well. Thank you so much Lisa for going with us. I really appreciate it! Anytime you need the favor returned, please just ask.

I also had a nice visit with my neighbor this evening. I don't know them very well and would like to get to know them better. Last week, I took care of their cat. Twice a day I would walk over there, feed her and give her fresh water. She is treated like a queen. Her bowls are on a silver platter and has crystal dishes for feeding and watering. She gets a clean bowl for both water and food twice a day. Lucky kitty. In the mornings, Chani would go with me. It was fun to see Chani with a cat. My cat passed away two years ago and I really miss him, especially after taking care of their cat for a few days. But, not enough to get another one. Besides, Chani is still a bit too young. Perhaps in a few years. I wonder if I could train a cat to use the bathroom outside instead of a litter box. That would be nice.

Speaking of that, guess what Chani did for the very first time tonight?? She used her potty chair!!! For real!!! Not a pretend, fully dressed, get the feel for it kind of way but actually with no diaper. I was so proud!! I knew she was about to go and so I stopped her and took her in there, undressed her and we both sat there for not even a minute. Yay!! My baby girl is growing up so fast.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apple Pickin' Jubilee

Don't you just love the fall?? There are so many fun things to do and festivals to visit. We started our weekend with a trip up north to Ellijay to Hillcrest Orchards. We met our play group up there and walked through their place. Chani saw her first cow up close and even got to heard it moo. She even touched one but would NOT sit on it. I think the mooing did it in for her. After seeing the cows, horses and playing on the slides, we walked through the orchard and picked 1/2 a bushel of apples. We picked several different kinds. I hope to be able to do some baking soon. If you go to this place, make sure to take lots of cash. Most of the things you do require it. We didn't think far enough in advance for this so we didn't get to do a few things. We then stopped at a cute little restaurant and had some delicious chicken salad sandwiches. (Top picture stolen from Jessica! Thanks Jess!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sesame Street Live

Last Sunday, we hopped in the car once again and headed to downtown Atlanta. We took Chani to Sesame Street Live - When Elmo Grows Up. She LOVES Elmo! We met Christy, Torson and Katie there. She had so much fun. She was jumping around, clapping, watching and wiggling quite a bit. We stood in line for an $8 Elmo balloon. Can you believe they charge $8? - Can you believe that we paid that? Well, the balloon had to be put under your seat for the show. It was a bit windy when we left so it was flapping all over the place. We forgot it in the car when we got home which is where it stayed for 2 days. After those two days, I realized that we didn't have it so I went out to get it. I tied it to an empty water balloon and brought it in the house. I gave it to Chani and maybe 5 minutes later, I heard her grunting and she ran to me with the bottle and no balloon. Now, a week later, it is hanging out on my ceiling. I can't reach it. I suppose I should go get a ladder but haven't done so yet. How long do ya think it will stay up there before floating down?

The first few pictures, she pulled on my old sweater socks and thought she was really something.