Friday, August 01, 2008

Funny Story & Stupid Story

First of all, the funny story. It's kind of gross but to me, this morning, it was quite hilarious. If you don't like poop stories, skip the first one and go onto the second one.

Every morning as I'm getting ready for the day, I either take a shower or a bath. Today it was a shower day. Chani LOVES showers, baths, the pool, any water activity. So, while Matt is still asleep, I hop in the shower and let Chani come in with me. We have a rather large shower so there is plenty of room. She mostly just stands there with her hands out, letting the water flow down her arms. Well, the past couple of times, she had squatted down and started patting the water on the floor, letting it splash. When I'm finished, I shut off the water and get out, letting her play in the puddles until I'm ready to get her out and dressed. Today was just like any other time. I was getting dressed and looked in on her. I saw her squatting and then I saw IT. Yep, she did, pooped right there on the shower floor. Luckily it was the easy kind to clean up. I laughed and laughed. I cleaned it up, told her what it was called and showed her where it went. We said bye bye to it and flushed it down. It was really cute, plus it was a perfect learning experience for her. It also just dawned on me that she commonly does squat down quite a bit, outside of the shower, usually with her bottom just an inch or two off the ground. I thought that she was just sitting there but now I'm thinking that maybe there was a reason for it. Anyway, I told Matt and he was totally grossed out by it.

Okay, the stupid thing that I did today. We were on our way to a lunch date but I had wanted to do a bit of shopping before we were to meet our friends. Having plenty of time, I parked the car and set my wallet and keys on the seat. I got Chani out and unlocked the door so I could go to the other side and get out her stroller. Well, instead of unlocking it, I locked it. Everything was inside. My wallet, keys, phone, camera, gps, purse, diaper bad, EVERYTHING! I walked into the building, found a phone and called Matt. Well, he sleeps late and I have no idea what his cell phone number is. I called the house phone, the one we NEVER answer. We do have an answering machine hooked up to it and you can hear someone leaving a message IF you pay attention to it which we hardly ever do. I left a message and told him that I needed his help. I called again, trying to get the ring to wake him but it went right to voice mail. I left another short message and then went and wondered around for a bit before calling back. He heard the message so he had the phone the third time I called. I told him what happened and had him look for the spare key. Well, of course, he couldn't find it so I told him to just come and get me. He came and picked us up and brought us home. I found the key within five minutes but by this time, Chani was quite cranky and needed to go down for her nap which is where we are now. Waiting for that so we can get back out to get my car. Oy, what a day! I hope the rest gets better.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I am cracking up on the poop... I would have been laughing too..
Sorry to hear about locking everything in the car...
Have a Great Weekend...

Alyson & Ford said...

Great poop story! And a good place to have the "accident"!

Hope you have a better day than locking yourself out of your car and with Chani, too! That would have freaked me out!!

Alyson LID 01/27/06
Thanks for visiting our blog!

Dawn S. said...

Well, the good news is you got her out before you locked it!! :)

LID 3-13-06