Friday, July 25, 2008

Too soon for Mama

Last night a very few theaters were having a one night only showing of Matt's favorite all time movie, WarGames. We have this on DVD and have watched it every so often but we couldn't pass on seeing it on the big screen. It was one of those "go to support your husband" kind of things. We decided that it would be a trial run for leaving Chani with a sitter. We got dressed up, packed her enough food, snacks and clothing for an overnight trip and then some. We took her down to Debbie's and said our goodbyes and quickly left.
We drove down to Atlantic Station which is a pretty neat little area, parked and looked for a place to eat dinner. We settled on a cheesecake factory like place but it wasn't much to write about. During the meal, I decided to give Debbie a call to find out how things were going.
Chani decided that she really wanted her Daddy and cried and asked for him for about 30 minutes. She hadn't eaten yet as it was just a bit too early before we had to make the drive to Debbie's. So, Debbie fixed her an egg and Chani loved it and kept signing more so she fixed her a second one which she gobbled up. Well, since she was still upset about us leaving, she threw it up so a bath was in order. Debbie put both girls in the sink and let them play. Chani loves baths, showers, swimming, anything water so she was doing much better. She did eventually fall asleep after Debbie worked her magic with reflexology.
Back to me - I had a hard time hearing that she cried for so long and the vomiting part but we decided to go to the movie after all. Since it was the 25th anniversary of the show, they did interviews with the characters. This was done to introduce a sequel movie thing so we got a sneak preview to that. I'm sure that's as much of it as we'll ever see. Once the movie began and shortly into it, I started feeling really guilty and missing her. When there was about 15 minutes left of the movie, the screen went blank. A few minutes later, the house lights went up and an employee told us that this was a satellite feed and they would have to call the company to see what happened. It turned out that it would be back on in about ten minutes. We were each given two free tickets to come back and we could wait it out to see the ending. We decided to wait and I took the opportunity to check on Chani. She was fast asleep, curled up with Li Li. Awwww - Once we made it outside, the weather was perfect. Not too hot and being around lots of city lights around shops just feels great to me. We didn't stay though and instead, found our car and headed back to Debbies. She met us at the door with a very sleepy little girl who only wanted Daddy. She fell asleep in the car and easily went back down once at home. She was all tuckered out. Thank you so much Debbie for last night and also for always being there for us. I know it did Chani good to have to depend on someone else for a few hours. Next time should be easier, although not for a very long time. I missed her just too much.


amy said...

I keep looking at the pics on the top of the blog and she is really beautiful!

Glad you got to go out!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Chani did great... it will take time mommy... she will get used to it..
Mommy and Daddy need some time together.. alone..
Glad you got free tickets and got to go out for awhile..

Lindsay said...

Sorry you found it hard to leave her. I'm sure it will get easier and better for you both.