Friday, June 13, 2008

So much pain

Yesterday I pinched a nerve in my back. This has happened to me four times now in the past few years. I can hardly walk because if I move just so, it shoots an excruciating pain through my whole back and I can't move. I end up screaming this primal scream just because it hurts so bad. It wasn't as severe yesterday but I had a very hard time getting up this morning. We were all set to head to our China reunion this weekend. I still am all packed and ready to go but we decided that we had to cancel it. Now we're out the plane fare plus the cabin rental. I have been in bed all day. Matt brought Chani in here for a little while and I moved but screamed. She screamed too and started crying. I told him to get her out of here and only bring her in when it's not so painful. I was really looking forward to this weekend. After our reunion, we were renting a car and driving to the grandparents to spend a few days. That was the only thing that wasn't prepaid. I'm taking pain medication that was prescribed for my migraines but all that seems to do is make me sleepy. I'm sure all the doctor will do is xray it and prescribe the same meds. Plus, just getting to the doctor is quite the challenge. I miss being able to be up and around for my daughter. Matt has really stepped up to the plate and has been taking care of her and me. I am so thankful to have him as my husband. I even miss my dog as Matt took him to our sitter yesterday. He's going back over there tomorrow to bring him back home. What do you all think? Should I even attempt at calling the airline for a refund or vouchers or anything? Will they even care?


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Oh girly. I am sooo sorry..
I would try and get a refund.. Or partial credit..
I know you were looking forward to this trip..
My thoughts are with you..
I think you should go to the DR.
Hope your weekend gets better..
Keep us informed..

Briana's Mom said...

Oh Kathy! I am so sorry! This totally stinks!

I have a bad back too (lower back), and it goes out on me sometimes. But I don't think I have ever had it as bad as you have it right now though. Cringe...

I say try to call the airline when you are up to it. It can't hurt.

Hang in there girlie. Thinking of you!

Pug Mama said...

heck yeah woman - call the airline and they will issue you a credit good for a year. You don't have to give a reason, as long as you cancel in time they will honor your airfare for a year. (I just did it a few months ago when I had to cancel a ticket the day before I was due to fly)
I hope your neck feel better soon - how painful.

Lisa~~ said...

Oh you poor thing, I do hope that you are feeling better very soon. You probably need some muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds along with heavy pain meds. Try to make it to the doc. As far as the airline, call them and they should issue a credit.

Lindsay said...

I'm so sorry you had to miss your reunion weekend. Talk about rotten timing.

Hope you are feeling better by now.

Best wishes.

Kim said...

I'm sorry you are in such pain, a pinched nerve is not a lot of fun :(

Special K said...

I've pinched nerves in my back before. I know what you're going thru. It's absolutely miserable.I hope you feel better soon. And so sorry you had to miss the weekend.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh man... that truly stinks... I have done that before... you should have seen my crawling like a crab around the house for a few days... talking about pain!!!!!!! Hope you are feeling alot better now... Yeah... call up the airline... maybe you can get a doctor cert or something like that... my MIL went through a similar thing... it took her a while... but she got her $$$ back... maybe you can get a credit??? Take care