Sunday, June 29, 2008

3 Word Sunday

Sunday, June 22, 2008


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Perfect Day for Potluck Picnic + 3 Word Sunday

Yesterday we gathered together for our monthly potluck with our local adoptive group at a small pavilion in a local park. It was my first time at this pavilion and what a beautiful location. It was a bit far to walk from the parking lot but it was a nice place. There were trees surrounding it, a little creek running close to it, a huge bar-b-que pit and a cool breeze at times. It was the only one that was still available when I called to inquire about reserving one. I was a bit worried that we might get some rain but we didn't and the weather was perfect.

Everyone really outdid themselves with the dishes they brought. I think almost everything was homemade and really tasty. (Tasty is one of Chani's new words.) So is "shit" but we won't go there. We chatted and the kids played in a small play ground and around the pavilion with the ball. They are so cute when they all get together.

Here are some pictures of the day.

A little background on the 3 Word Photo. I despise grasshoppers with a passion. They are the most disgusting creatures and I can NOT stand them. They freak me out, big time. Well, when I went to upload the picnic photos, here was the very first picture that came up. Gross! Matt didn't tell me about it and thought it would be funny for me to just happen upon them. And yes, even the picture gives me the willies.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Where's My Belly Button

Today when I asked Chani where her belly button was, she lifted her dress to show me. She couldn't find it because it was hidden underneath the bloomers. She was so puzzled as to where it was. She put her little hands in the air and said, "where is it?" Daddy then asked her if she left it upstairs and she got upset that she left it up there. We were laughing so hard. She felt much better when we showed her that it was still attached. She's so cute!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

3 Word Sunday

Friday, June 13, 2008

So much pain

Yesterday I pinched a nerve in my back. This has happened to me four times now in the past few years. I can hardly walk because if I move just so, it shoots an excruciating pain through my whole back and I can't move. I end up screaming this primal scream just because it hurts so bad. It wasn't as severe yesterday but I had a very hard time getting up this morning. We were all set to head to our China reunion this weekend. I still am all packed and ready to go but we decided that we had to cancel it. Now we're out the plane fare plus the cabin rental. I have been in bed all day. Matt brought Chani in here for a little while and I moved but screamed. She screamed too and started crying. I told him to get her out of here and only bring her in when it's not so painful. I was really looking forward to this weekend. After our reunion, we were renting a car and driving to the grandparents to spend a few days. That was the only thing that wasn't prepaid. I'm taking pain medication that was prescribed for my migraines but all that seems to do is make me sleepy. I'm sure all the doctor will do is xray it and prescribe the same meds. Plus, just getting to the doctor is quite the challenge. I miss being able to be up and around for my daughter. Matt has really stepped up to the plate and has been taking care of her and me. I am so thankful to have him as my husband. I even miss my dog as Matt took him to our sitter yesterday. He's going back over there tomorrow to bring him back home. What do you all think? Should I even attempt at calling the airline for a refund or vouchers or anything? Will they even care?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We've been so busy lately. Every Saturday in this entire month is booked. I hate having to decline an invitation because I have something else already scheduled but I had to do that this month.

This week I took Chani to the movies, along with our local play group. She did really well considering she doesn't ever watch tv. She sat, watched and ate her cheerios. I'm so proud of her.

She also had her 15 month check up. She is now up to 21+ pounds and went up in her percentile. She seems to be in perfect health! Yay! She had three shots this time and I about lost it again. It kills me to see her in such pain. As soon as that third band-aid went on, I scooped her up and held onto her. I need to return in a couple weeks to finish them up and then we'll be back on track for her 18 month.

We have had her now for over six months. At times it seems that we just got her but more than that, it seems like we've had her forever. We are getting ready to go visit all her China sisters. I can't believe that it was six months ago that we were in China.

We've also been spending lots of time at the pool. One little girl up there, who is about 7 wants to babysit. LOL I told her that maybe once she is around 13 or so she could babysit. She agreed and was thrilled to have landed a job. Too cute!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

3 Word Sunday

"Sum up your week in three little words. You can sing it, you can say it, you can write it, you can draw it. It can be funny or sad or poignant as long as it’s honest.”

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A day at the park

Yesterday we loaded up the bag and went to the park with with Rachel and Amber and met a bunch of her friends. We had such a good time chatting and munching on snacks. At the park, there was a tube thing attached to the play set that the kids could crawl through but Chani has always been a bit timid to do so. I left her there at the beginning and went to the other side and looked through. When she saw me, she smiled and then gained her confidence enough to go through it. It was so cute.

At this park, the ground is made with this colorful stuff that is really squishy. It was fun to walk on and seemed really safe. Does anyone know what it's called or if it's expensive to buy? I'd love to do something like that in her play area in the back yard one day if it's reasonable. You can see it in the swing picture. Thanks!

We came back home, tried to nap but she was too wound up so we decided to go to the neighborhood pool. We went for a quick swim. She's really liking the water now. Yay!!

Today I'm going to a baby shower so I get to spend several hours without the little one underfoot. It's going to be so nice just having some time alone. I'm even looking forward to the drive in the car all by myself. Daddy is going to have quality time with his daughter. But, the funny thing is that I have another shower to go to tomorrow so he has to do it again!!! There goes his weekend!

Friday, June 06, 2008


We had such a blast on Wednesday but one of my neighbors missed going to the magic show. She really wanted to go so at the last minute, we decide to head up to the next town up the highway and go to a second showing. Same guy, same show, same everything. Only, this time, we got a butterfly face painting and a sword balloon.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Magical Day

Today we had such a blast. We met up with our play group and went to the library. They had a magic show, complete with real live bunny. This guy was so hysterical. I laughed and laughed. He was really good too. He had the kids involved, yelling when they saw the ghost and wanting to see the back side of the bunny card. I was quite impressed with how well he did with all the kids. It was packed! After the show, they had face painting and balloon animals. Since there were so many kids there, we decided not to wait but went and checked out a couple books for me. Once we reached the line again, we decided that we would stick it out. Chani had her first face painting. She walked out of there with a Caterpillar and a bumblebee balloon. She also met the Chick-Fil-A cow. She would wave but was too scared to go up to him. We decided against a book for her since she has so many at home we haven't read but we did get a paper to fill out for the books we do read and they give prizes if you bring it back. She loves books and we read at least three a day. She'll hit the mark in no time.

Of course, I forgot to take my camera with me so we had to wait until we got home. Her face painting is a bit smudged because we both accidentally touched it. And, of course, she wouldn't smile for me.

Lastly, I updated the BLOG for the bows. I'm going to use it as a temporary site until Matt finishes the good one. It's pretty rough and not as pretty as the permanent one will be but it will work for now. Check it out and email me if you're interested in any of them.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

3 Word Sunday