Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So very busy

We've been so busy and with the weather being so nice, we've been spending loads of time outdoors and on the go.

This last weekend, Matt's younger brother got married. We traveled up to Pennsylvania and spent a couple extra days with the family. Chani did so well on the plane, sleeping for a lot of it and finally warmed up to everyone. She and Grandma went for several walks around the yard and smelled the flowers. She even picked one for me. Awww, my first flower from my daughter. So sweet. One of her cousins and she formed quite the bond. She would frantically wave and say, "Hi Chani!!!" Chani would laugh and wave back. She really enjoyed that. She also enjoyed being with Grandma and Grandpa and their huge dog and playing with their toys.

The wedding was lovely. Chani was a little squirmy and had to be hushed a bit but not enough for us to walk out. Of course, since we were family, we had to sit in the second row and wouldn't you know it, just after we were seated, we had to get up and leave due to an awful smell coming from the lower half of the kid. LOL - Luckily Matt took her and took care of the little problem and made it back before the bride made her way down the aisle. I was worrying a bit.

After the ceremony, we made it to the reception hall and feasted on lots of yummy food. Chani was quite energetic and wanted to dance. She went out on the floor and danced and then would run back and then back out and danced some more. Everyone was quite taken with her. I tend to agree. She is such a cute little girl.

Before we left for the wedding, Daddy took an extra vacation day on Wed and the three of us went to the aquarium. It was so much fun looking at the fish and seeing her look at them. She is so friendly and waves to everyone. She always has a smile and will go up to anyone. She will turn away, usually if someone holds out their arms to pick her up though, or if they get too close.


Yes, Minister... said...

Holy Moly - I can't believe how much she has grown! She is just adorable :D Glad that the wedding went well - LOL - too bad about the smell :D

Ladybug hugs,

Briana's Mom said...

Wow - Chani knows how to par-tay! LOL! And she loved that pool too!

So glad you had a good time!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Love ALL those pictures...
Looks like you have had sooo much fun...
I can't say I have a favorite picture... they are all sooo good..
Chani looks like she LOVES being thrown in the air..
ALL I know is I am in BIG trouble if you made ALL those gorgeous bows...
I will have a MAD Husband...LOL.
Have a Great Week..
Can't wait to meet you two..