Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 Word Sunday

This week, Chani found the toilet paper. She'll go grab some, bring it out to the living room and tear it all apart. She'll unroll the rolls and leave them. She has also found the box of tissues and loves to pull them out, one at a time and toss them aside so she can move on to the next one. Her newest words are peeze for please and uhh with her arms straight above her head for up. She is growing so fast.

Last night, the three of us walked next door to what turned out to be a rather large party. Chani greeted many with waving her arm and so many smiles. She then wanted to walk up and down the stairs and again and again. Daddy took her home around 8:00 or so, a bit past her bedtime. I was able to stay and enjoyed being out, drinking and not worrying about the baby. I then stumbled home, much later than my normal bedtime!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Trip to the Aquarium

Today Chani and I drove down to the aquarium and met up with Debbie, Ian, Li Li and Maisie to visit the aquarium. I can now say that we have gotten our money's worth out of the season tickets. Woohoo!!! When it gets crowded, we can leave without feeling guilty or that we have missed something because we can always go back another day. I only wish it were a bit closer and I didn't have to drive in Atlanta traffic to get there but it's still a fun place to visit and one of my favorites. Anyone wanna go??

I've been looking for a Mom's group in my town for quite some time now and I have finally found one. I've been pretty choosy in searching for one that has exactly the right fit for us. For starters, it had to be just a plain play group. I wasn't interested in attending discussion groups or being separated from the kids like I've heard they do in some MOPS groups. Nor am I ready to leave her like a mother's morning out group. One day, I'm sure I'll change my mind about that but not right now. I didn't want it too large either. And, what's up with all the groups charging a fee to be a member? Come on! Really? I have quite a hard time paying to go play at someone's house or to be friends in a group. I just think that is greedy. And, while I'm on the subject on money, what's with tipping every Tom, Dick and Harry? Does no one work for a wage anymore? Tip me, tip me! It's really gotten out of hand with everyone asking for one. Okay, off my soap box about that for now. I also didn't want the group to be focused solely on China or adotion. I already have that and I LOVE our China/Adoption group and the lifetime friends I have made with them. I'm so glad they are a part of our lives. Anyway, back to the group I found. Earlier in the week, I went to our first playdate with this group. Everyone seemed really nice and it was nice for Chani too. It also seems like it's going to be a good fit for us.

Tuesday, we went to meet Randi for lunch but there was a slight miscommunication so Chani and I had our first mother-daugher lunch out at a restaurant. It was really quite nice just her and me.

Then, on Thursday, we met with Lisa and Briana for lunch and a bit of shopping. As always, we had a great time and came home with lighter wallets.

Our fairly new neighbors just did some landscaping to their yard and put in a fire pit. We're going over there tomorrow night for a party and to break it in. That should be a lot of fun.

That's been our pretty busy week and here are a few pictures from today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A couple of my favorite photos from the weekend

Young Matt

I don't have any pictures of Matt when he was young but his Mom has a couple of him on her walls. I LOVE both of these pictures so I snapped a shot of them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So very busy

We've been so busy and with the weather being so nice, we've been spending loads of time outdoors and on the go.

This last weekend, Matt's younger brother got married. We traveled up to Pennsylvania and spent a couple extra days with the family. Chani did so well on the plane, sleeping for a lot of it and finally warmed up to everyone. She and Grandma went for several walks around the yard and smelled the flowers. She even picked one for me. Awww, my first flower from my daughter. So sweet. One of her cousins and she formed quite the bond. She would frantically wave and say, "Hi Chani!!!" Chani would laugh and wave back. She really enjoyed that. She also enjoyed being with Grandma and Grandpa and their huge dog and playing with their toys.

The wedding was lovely. Chani was a little squirmy and had to be hushed a bit but not enough for us to walk out. Of course, since we were family, we had to sit in the second row and wouldn't you know it, just after we were seated, we had to get up and leave due to an awful smell coming from the lower half of the kid. LOL - Luckily Matt took her and took care of the little problem and made it back before the bride made her way down the aisle. I was worrying a bit.

After the ceremony, we made it to the reception hall and feasted on lots of yummy food. Chani was quite energetic and wanted to dance. She went out on the floor and danced and then would run back and then back out and danced some more. Everyone was quite taken with her. I tend to agree. She is such a cute little girl.

Before we left for the wedding, Daddy took an extra vacation day on Wed and the three of us went to the aquarium. It was so much fun looking at the fish and seeing her look at them. She is so friendly and waves to everyone. She always has a smile and will go up to anyone. She will turn away, usually if someone holds out their arms to pick her up though, or if they get too close.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 Word Sunday

Congratulations Steve and Carrie!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 Word Sunday

Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Dare's" Naming Ceremony

Last weekend, Chani and I attended a naming ceremony for "Dare". It was a beautiful day as was the ceremony. The rabbi was there and performed the traditional ritual as we all watched. It was nice enough outside that they did it on the deck. Afterwards, they had several awesome desserts and we were able to play a bit. Here are a few pictures of the day. Thanks Trixie and WaWa for having us. Also, thanks to Jackie for a few of the pictures!

First Pony Ride

Yesterday we went here along with Lisa and Briana and Lisa and Maisie. It was a beautiful day to be out and about. Tanglewood has quite the setup that was small enough to not be overwhelming for the toddlers and it was pretty close to us. They provided us with bread to feed the animals and sent us on our way. You walked through a maze from one green gate to another that took you into the next area of animals. They had miniature goats, sheep, cows, horses, donkeys and I'm sure I'm missing something. Then, they had some of the largest rabbits I've ever seen. They were quite cute and Chani seemed to do the best with the goats. I did too. All the pens were lined with pine bark which made it tricky for a newly walking little girl to get around. She had one incident where she did a face plant right into it. Poor thing had scrape marks on her face. But, it didn't stop her for long as she was up and petting the goats once again. After we walked through and made our way back to the beginning, we waited our turn for a pony ride. I wasn't too sure that she would go for it but we tried on the required helmet and that wasn't too bad. We then watched as Briana took her first ride. Three times around the ring and she seemed to enjoy it. Next was our turn. At first I didn't think she would go for it. She didn't know really what was going on and wanted off but I kept her up there and once we started, she seemed okay. During our last lap, she did her little squeal of delight. So, by the end, she was really having fun with it. Maisie just isn't into animals and the pony ride just wasn't her cup of tea. We then settled into a picnic area and had our lunch. We love our little friends and our outings.

Once we got home, an extremely short nap followed another extremely nap in the car. I think possibly 30 minutes tops so the late afternoon, early evening ended up being pretty whiny. Daddy finished the night by giving her a bath and put her to bed. But, her night didn't end there. Maybe 30 minutes after she went down, the wind started howling and suddenly, the rain came in sheets. Matt glanced out the back window and saw two trees literally snap in half and hit the ground. He yelled basement and ran to get Chani. I grabbed Bindi and my shoes and we headed downstairs. We didn't need to stay down very long but seeing the tree snap like that freaked him out a little bit. The rain was hitting the house so hard that it came in sightly through the two basement windows and door. It also came in through our front door on the main level. It was wet and rainy so I didn't go out last night but from what I could see, two trees snapped. One is completely in the yard and the other is still up against the fence. It broke the fence a little but I have yet to see it up close. That's the second time this spring that a tree has hit the fence. And, it has been about the 5th or 6th time we've hunkered down in the basement. What's with all the storms this spring?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

3 Word Sunday

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just a few photos, no words.