Saturday, February 02, 2008

A couple of firsts and Potluck

Chani has finally figured out that she can pull herself forward with her arms while she is laying on her belly. I have it on the video but will have to have Matt transfer it so I can post it.

She also stood on Saturday for about 30 seconds all by herself! And, then again on Sunday for about 45 seconds. Such proud moments!

We were outside watching Daddy assemble her new play set and Bindi started barking. She barked too. Way too cute! - Another "proud moment."

She learned a new word on Sunday - "Wow" which brings her vocabulary to six words now. The others are Dada, Mama, Hi, Blah and her own version of doggy.

We had another bump yesterday. She was sitting on the floor, leaned to the front a bit too far and hit her face. Another pretty hard hit with lots of crying but no mark this time. She didn't have far to fall since she was sitting down.

It seems like she is doing a lot of new things all the time.

Other things she does.
*She likes to do the phone home finger point like ET. It cracks her up.
*She waves with her hand backwards. She has the cutest smile.
*Sometimes she'll make a face and crinkles up her nose.
*She gets excited so easily and her arms and legs just shake.
*She has this thing with Daddy that he'll say uh oh and she'll fall back onto a pillow by herself and he'll put his hands on her legs and she'll do a sit-up kind of thing. She'll do it with me too but it's more of a Daddy thing. Then, they will do it again and again.
*We have a two way staircase and when we wake up and come down the front way, she always looks for Daddy in his work chair, expecting him to be there and surprised when he's not.
*She'll be sitting with her legs out and will turn herself around and around for the fun of it.
*She LOVES to hold our fingers and walk around in her squeaky shoes.
*She has begun playing with her little kitchen a bit more. Seeing Briana and the other girls play with it has peaked her interest in it.

On to activities and fun pictures.

Saturday we had to miss the fun at Debbie's CNY party but had a blast meeting up with Jasmine, Ijit and Aditya. Aditya is five months old now and weighs a mere 14 pounds. He felt like a feather and his big brown eyes were so beautiful. He didn't care much for me though. He has a tiny little cry and would cry when I'd try to hold him. But, he was still so cute! - He makes Chani feel like she weighs a ton.

Then, our first potluck of 2008 was hosted by Brad and Theresa who are logged in 10/28/06. They decorated with Super bowl party decorations and we all feasted on tons of yummy food. We all had a great time, gearing up for the game. Their nursery is so beautiful, as well as the rest of their house. Thank you so much Brad and Theresa for hosting! - As you can tell, I love our potlucks. It's great when everyone can get together and share in their adoption stories. We're so thrilled for Georgia and Jeff who are expecting their referral on Tuesday!

We have a slow beginning of a week planned and then our families are coming in for the big birthday bash. Our little girl turns 1 and we have a weekend planned!


Trixie said...

She is right on the mark with the backward wave, ET finger and other developmental milestones. I was so excited to see her on Sunday in her cute outfit. LOVED THE HAIR!

Sorry we didn't have more time together.

Beverly said...

Savor the moments they grow so fast.


Briana's Mom said...

Ahh, I love that you are getting to experience all those "firsts". It is so exciting! Chani is so cute!

I am so bummed I that I missed the potluck. I won't be missing the next one though!

Great pictures!

Mick & James said...

Sorry we had to miss the fun.

Hope you have a wonderful B'day party.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Love all the first...
Sounds like you have been busy again..
I think you are always on the go..
LOVE the pictures....
Can't wait to see Chani's 1st Bday party...