Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny things

Who knew this little girl could make me laugh so much? The three of us were driving home the other day when I yawned. She mimicked me and opened her mouth just as wide as she could and then laughed. I did it back to her and she would giggle. She'd do it again and so would I. We went on like this for quite some time. It brought so much joy hearing her laugh. What a sweet, sweet sound that is.

She has also decided that she is afraid of our Roomba (our little robotic vacuum cleaner). I have never seen her afraid of anything before but for some reason, she started climbing on me frantically and wanted to get away from it. I stopped it and took her down to it, showed it to her, had her touch it and then started it up again. She seemed okay when I was right there but if I'm not, she will get all frantic again. It's the weirdest thing.

And, I'll leave you with a cute picture of my little guy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A day in the dark

Yesterday morning, I sat here and wrote that long post about the day before, how beautiful it was outside and how warm it was enough to go outside for awhile. I had the news on in the background, watching the weather and how it was coming for us. Well, it did and before I had a chance to publish the post, we lost power. Usually it comes back up pretty quickly but not yesterday. Shortly after it went out, the wind started howling and raining pretty hard. I almost went to wake the others so we could go and huddle down in the basement but decided it wasn't quite that bad and instead, found a couple candles and a flashlight and waited in the dark.

It's really quite calm and very quiet with no electricity. No sounds from the fish tank, refrigerator or heater even. It was also a bit unnerving not knowing what the weather was going to do. They have been advertising a small weather alert radio on the news and now I think we may get one of those.

Lunch plans were cancelled due to the interstate being shut down south of us. From the sounds of things, there was quite a bit of damage but we thankfully had none. Our electricity was out for almost 12 hours. It's weird how many times I went to flip on a switch. I'm just glad it was on for dinner and bath time and we still had some hot water. That would have been much harder to get by without.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A really good day

Yesterday we had a really good day. It was absolutely beautiful outside. The sunshine and warmness of the day really brings a smile to my face. It started out with a trip to the vet to get Bindi a pedicure/manicure. Lucky dog! I attempted this with just him, Chani and myself. I was a bit worried trying to juggle it all but it all worked out. As we were waiting for him, she and I ran to Wal-mart to kill some time and pick up a couple of things. This kid gets the "Oh, you're so cute" comments everywhere we go. I can't recall a single time or place that we have been and haven't heard it. (Yeah, I'm probably exaggerating a bit here.) We're also telling the adoption story quite frequently as well. This little girl is just amazing. I hope we can teach her to be just as beautiful on the inside.

We came home, did the laundry, which by the way, I still only do on Mondays. Doing it only once a week just works for me. I was a bit worried thinking that I'd need to do it more with Chani but have found out that I don't really need to. I do about 7-9 loads which takes most of the day. I don't always get it all put away but I usually get everything washed, dried and folded. I did yesterday though, yeah for me! (Doesn't take much to make me happy.)

Have you ever seen these self heating cups of coffee? You push in a plastic part on the bottom, releasing some water into some calcium oxide and the reaction is what heats the coffee? I had tried them quite awhile back but thought they were rather expensive for the amount of coffee that you get, plus, all the waste of the container but I found them again yesterday so I picked up a couple thinking, that hey, they would be a good thing to keep for picnics, cruises, emergencies or such. Well, of course, I had to try the first one just to see if they were as good as I remembered. They were only $2 each and I thought I couldn't get a Starbucks cup for that. Well, this morning, I had to break out the second one because yes, they really are quite tasty. Not that I'll be putting away the Capresso any time soon but they are nice to have for a backup or a quick fix when you have no electricity, or laziness as was the case this morning.

Chani is still quite wobbly with her walking. We practice with her several times a day, sitting on the floor and having her come to us. She gets so excited to do it and is excited when she reaches us but she has yet to want to do it on her own. She cruises the furniture quite a bit and pulls herself up on more things than just us.

I took the blanket outside and we sat out there in the sunshine for awhile until Daddy came out to play. He put her on the slide about half way up and let her go down alone. She has to lay down so she won't fall off the side and he runs around to the bottom to catch her. Then, each of us also sat with her on the swing. She says whee on that. So very cute!

We then decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. As we were waiting for our food, she was waving at everyone. She focused on one couple behind me and waved at them at least a dozen times. She has also learned to hold her hands out, palms up with a questioning expression on her face. She kept doing this and all during the meal, she kept cracking me up and it felt like I laughed the entire evening. We then packed up and headed home.

Overall, even with the laundry, it was a very lovely day.

Today - Stormy and severe thunderstorms. Looks like we'll be spending the day indoors.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Amber and Random Cuteness

Friday we headed over to Rachel's to wish Amber a Happy 2nd Birthday!!
Rachel is from Australia and she has a national group like the FCC for Australians in America. It was pretty cool seeing all her Australian moms come there to the party. We feasted on fruits and a cheese pastry along with an adorable birthday cake. Then, the older kids hit and tried to break open the pinata but it was being totally stubborn. Rachel grabbed the bat and beat it black and blue but it still would not break. She had to rip it open. It was really a lot of fun but Chani started to melt down a little bit so we soon had to head home and down for a nap.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty low key. We went out one day, trying to find a park near where we live but haven't found a good on yet.

Matt has been working on her playset which is almost ready. We've even tested it a little bit. He has also taught her to stick out her tongue. Oh, Joy!

And, just for you, Kim, some random cuteness.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our first family vacation

Well, we did it. We booked our first vacation as a family of three. We're taking the little munchkin on a short Caribbean cruise. This will be our trial run for the wedding in April. I hope she'll be able to sleep okay and that she will love the ocean as much as we do.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not so much this week

Wow, after everyone left from last week and weekend, we have been having a very quiet week here at home. Our only scheduled outing was our music class on Wednesday morning but that is a struggle. She just doesn't do well with missing her morning nap. I don't know why, perhaps it's because she's over tired but if we miss the morning one, she refuses the afternoon one and that makes for a very long day.

We quietly celebrated Matt's birthday on Wednesday and Valentine’s Day on Thursday. I hope she doesn't think that we'll continue to give her gifts like this. We have one more celebration early in March and that will be it for awhile. All three of our birthdays are within a week of each other’s so February is quite a busy month.

Her newest word is shhhh. - She's so darn cute!

And, a few words of thanks. First of all, to Melissa for sending Bindi a collar promoting awareness of puppy mills. Bindi proudly wears it and I hope for at least one person to see it and ask about it.

Also, to Donna, for sending all the books and to Bob and Connie for the Cinderella stuff. She really is my princess

Monday, February 11, 2008

Look what she did today!!

February is a VERY busy month

We've been so busy the last few days so I'll play catch up which seems all that I can ever get done these days.

The weekend started early on Thursday when my Mom and Ed pulled into town and met the little munchkin for the first time. Chani did really great and loved having them here. We spent the evening here at the house catching up and trying to keep on schedule.

I had inherited an old dining room set a couple of years ago and I had recovered the seats on the chairs before going to China. Well, most of them. I had it all done except for attaching the final two. I put the grandparents to work doing that, and dusting off the leafs to the table. This table can fold down to 36" x 38". That's a pretty small table, huh. Well, it has drop down sides so when you pull them up, it comfortably sits six. That's really the only size that I have seen it. Well, I decided to try out the leaves and when both of them are in, it seats 12 and covered my entire dining room. I still am amazed at how large it really is. This is where we decided to have the party. Mom, Ed and I went to town decorating it all. We filled helium balloons, hung banners, streamers and yard signs.

Friday came as well as Matt's parents. They too met Chani for the first time. It happened to be my birthday so we celebrated it with dinner at the Winchester Woodfire Grill. It's one of my favorite special occasion restaurants.

By far, the best day was Chani's very first birthday! - We celebrated with style, family and friends.

The party started with Briana, Lisa and Doug arriving first. It was just them for a little while because EVERYONE was late. LOL - So, we decided to get started opening presents first. When Chani was done with her first one, our second guests, Randi and Jack, arrived, kind of like clockwork. Again, we opened their present and it went on like this for a bit but then wham, everyone started to arrive but we continued opening up gifts. She had such a fun time. We then feasted on chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches, chips and macaroni salad. I presented the cake with a lit candle and about lost it. It slid off the tray some but I was able to manage it. (Wonder how many even knew about it.) Everyone sang happy birthday to my little girl and I had to help her blow out her candle. I then sliced the cake so everyone could have a piece. Chani's grandma helped feed her which freed me up to get things going.

After everyone had their bellies full, we gathered for a couple of games. The first was similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey but this was a Velcro happy birthday cupcake where they stuck on the candles. Those who could/would wear a blindfold did and those who were too young just put the candle on the cake. It was so cute! We decided that Jack was the winner and he received a small prize. Our next game was a piñata, filled with toys and candy. This was a special one with ribbons to pull vs. bashing it with a stick. All the kids went and pulled a ribbon, one at a time until the "magic ribbon" was found. They had to yank so hard on this one and pulled the top holder thingies right out of top of the piñata that the whole thing fell to the floor. They were able to pull it open and all the innards fell to the floor and the kids scrambled. Well, sort of. Most of the crap candy and toys just laid there. Let's just say that I'll have stuff for Halloween already. The kids were so careful and shared so much, only grabbing a couple of things each. They played a bit more and then the party started to end. Once everyone had left, Chani went down for her nap.

Once fully rested, we resumed opening up presents which took the rest of the afternoon and then for dinner, we all went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Once Sunday rolled around, we finished opening up the presents and then it was time for the grandparents to say goodbye and head out. Daddy pretty much took care of Chani while I had quite a bit of time to organize and relax some. I still have some cleaning to do and decorations to remove but hey, we're having Daddy's birthday on Wednesday so they might just wait and do double duty!

Finally, I want to say how grateful I am for all of our friends. We have the best friends who are so generous and so wonderful to be around. Chani received sooo many awesome gifts from so many loving people. You guys are the greatest and we indeed are so lucky to have you all. Thank you all for coming and spending your day with us! We had a great time and hope you did too! Also, a huge thank you to both sets of grandparents who drove many miles to help celebrate this little one's first birthday, and mine.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

She Laughs!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A couple of firsts and Potluck

Chani has finally figured out that she can pull herself forward with her arms while she is laying on her belly. I have it on the video but will have to have Matt transfer it so I can post it.

She also stood on Saturday for about 30 seconds all by herself! And, then again on Sunday for about 45 seconds. Such proud moments!

We were outside watching Daddy assemble her new play set and Bindi started barking. She barked too. Way too cute! - Another "proud moment."

She learned a new word on Sunday - "Wow" which brings her vocabulary to six words now. The others are Dada, Mama, Hi, Blah and her own version of doggy.

We had another bump yesterday. She was sitting on the floor, leaned to the front a bit too far and hit her face. Another pretty hard hit with lots of crying but no mark this time. She didn't have far to fall since she was sitting down.

It seems like she is doing a lot of new things all the time.

Other things she does.
*She likes to do the phone home finger point like ET. It cracks her up.
*She waves with her hand backwards. She has the cutest smile.
*Sometimes she'll make a face and crinkles up her nose.
*She gets excited so easily and her arms and legs just shake.
*She has this thing with Daddy that he'll say uh oh and she'll fall back onto a pillow by herself and he'll put his hands on her legs and she'll do a sit-up kind of thing. She'll do it with me too but it's more of a Daddy thing. Then, they will do it again and again.
*We have a two way staircase and when we wake up and come down the front way, she always looks for Daddy in his work chair, expecting him to be there and surprised when he's not.
*She'll be sitting with her legs out and will turn herself around and around for the fun of it.
*She LOVES to hold our fingers and walk around in her squeaky shoes.
*She has begun playing with her little kitchen a bit more. Seeing Briana and the other girls play with it has peaked her interest in it.

On to activities and fun pictures.

Saturday we had to miss the fun at Debbie's CNY party but had a blast meeting up with Jasmine, Ijit and Aditya. Aditya is five months old now and weighs a mere 14 pounds. He felt like a feather and his big brown eyes were so beautiful. He didn't care much for me though. He has a tiny little cry and would cry when I'd try to hold him. But, he was still so cute! - He makes Chani feel like she weighs a ton.

Then, our first potluck of 2008 was hosted by Brad and Theresa who are logged in 10/28/06. They decorated with Super bowl party decorations and we all feasted on tons of yummy food. We all had a great time, gearing up for the game. Their nursery is so beautiful, as well as the rest of their house. Thank you so much Brad and Theresa for hosting! - As you can tell, I love our potlucks. It's great when everyone can get together and share in their adoption stories. We're so thrilled for Georgia and Jeff who are expecting their referral on Tuesday!

We have a slow beginning of a week planned and then our families are coming in for the big birthday bash. Our little girl turns 1 and we have a weekend planned!

Friday, February 01, 2008

So Grateful

Look what I received in the mail today. I had just posted that I wanted to get one and haven't yet had the time to do so when it arrived at my door. Stacey, Abigail and Mike, thank you so very much. I'm sure Chani is going to love it.