Saturday, January 12, 2008

Too soon for sleepovers!

Yesterday morning, Chani and I made our way over to Lisa's for coffee and a play date. It's so cool to be able to go to play dates with a kid now. I met Elisabeth and Eliza and just recently checked out her blog and website. WOW! She takes some awesome photos. The girls had so much fun playing together. The older girls played dress up an ran around in their dresses and shoes. Eliza even helped in giving Cheerios to Chani. Too cute!

Debbie couldn't make it as she had a million things to get done before Li Li's birthday party. Lisa was going over later to help with the preparations so I offered to go and help too. The plan was to stick around and let the girls go down for naps and then go over. Ohhh, big mistake. First of all, Chani was having a few issues in the diaper area so we went through many a changes. I went through every diaper, wipe and changing pad that I had brought and filled Lisa's garbage can. We even messed up Maisie's changing table. - Sorry again, Lisa! I'm still a bit new in this area and clumsy with the diaper changes. I hope to one day do it with a bit more finesse. - Oh, a girl can only dream!
Once she was dry, I put her in Maisie's crib but she was in pure panic mode and stressed out. She had missed her morning nap since we were playing so I thought she would easily go down. She cried and screamed for 15 minutes as I nervously watched the time. (I HATE listening to her scream and cry.) I went in to comfort her and it helped while I was there but once I left, she went into panic mode again for another 15 minutes. Poor Maisie, not only lost her bed, (She got to sleep in Mommy's room in her peapod.) she had to listen to all the screaming and missed her nap entirely. By now, I was in my own little stressed mode so I decided to just take her home. She was all babbly and happy on the way. Once we reached home, we came in and Daddy took over. He changed her completely and gave her a bottle. Again, he put her down for a nap but she wouldn't go to sleep. We check on her every 15 minutes or so if she isn't asleep. She was totally soaked again. He had to change her clothes again! I finally went in to get her up because she just wouldn't go to sleep. Yesterday ended up being a pretty rough day.

Today, we will get in our morning nap BEFORE we head to Li Li's party. The plan is to go there for that, come home for our afternoon nap and then out to another birthday party at 5:00 and home by 7:30-8:00. In my head, it seems like it should work so wish us luck!

Here are some photos from yesterday.

And, here are a few from the day before.

She likes to roll the ball between us now and even gave us a good laugh. She doesn't laugh like hahahaha, she'll usually only give us one little ha. I think this was only the second time that she gave more that one little sound. It was so cute listening to her.


Briana's Mom said...

The pics are so cute! I love the one of Chani smiling - priceless!

Yeah - Briana is not ready for sleepovers yet either (except at grandma's house). It will come in time!

Sorry you had a rough go of it!

Doris & Dan said...

Those are wonderful pics. Not hard when the subjects are as adorable as they are.

Keep smilin!

OziMum said...

Aaawww - look at those gorgeous girls!

My kids are 10 & 6 - and I want them going/having sleepovers either! We have the cousins over all the time and they go there - but thats it.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sorry the napping didn't go so well..
but the pictures are GREAT...
Love the one where Chani's little nose is all curled up and her little teeth are showing..
Hope your day went well...

RoLo said...

So precious