Monday, January 07, 2008

Bargains from the Mall & Misc Pics

This must be payback time with the bows. When Susan came over with the girls to meet Chani, they all had a great time putting all her bows in her hair.

Can you find the baby?

Here I am and what a cutie pie I am!

Okay, here are the things that I got from the mall yesterday.
The Gymboree bill, I think was around $75 or so. The panda outfit was only 20% off so it was still up there in price but it was STILL on sale. I don't remember how much the rest was but the lone green onesie was only $3.99. Don't tell Matt but I ordered a few more items online this morning. Shhhh LOL
The next items I got were the Hallmark Holiday Ornaments. They were 40% off so I got three of those. The things on top are for her first tooth and her first curl. Those were $6 ea. The Mulan doll is a birthday gift for a little girl who is turning three very soon.

This one was taken this morning because she's just so cute.

I put some sunglasses on her this morning. She thought she was pretty cool. Hopefully she'll like them when we go outside and need them.

She liked her second pair just as well.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

the pictures..
How cute is the little bunny for her tooth and the other one for her first curl..
Love the bargains..
ANd LOVE the ladybug/checkered quilt (?)..
Is that Chani's playroom ??
When you get a chance post the playroom ... I would like to see the finished room...
Have fun..
Love the sunglasses..
Chani is soooooo adorable..

Briana's Mom said...

Look at her rockin' the shades! So adorable! Briana was rockin' shades too on my blog!

LOVE the stuff you found at Gymboree!

See you tomorrow!

OziMum said...

Chani IS just so cute!

hehehe! cute "find the baby pic"!

Ladybug Hugs 4 U said...

He he! I won't tell Matt! I went back and got Li Li the swimsuit :D It's a birthday present!I already e-mailed you about painting, I felt so bad for you that it happened :-(

Jackie said...

I hate it when something special breaks like that! Wish I could join you guys for the remake, but I'll watch for pictures.

Love the Gymbo outfits! You guys really did have a great shopping day! :)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Chani is just to cute...

Kim said...

I love the bows! Does she try to take them out?