Thursday, December 20, 2007


Okay, backtracking a bit. We did buy that suitcase in the Wal-mart in Nanchang and promptly filled it up. Was ever so thankful that we found it as I had no idea how I was going to get all our crap stuff to Guangzhou. We packed so well that we were even underweight. Wish we could say the same about us. HA! The flight went well. Chani did super and was very excited and bounced around most of the trip. She likes rotating her wrists and kicking her legs at the same time. We call it the, "baby dance." Cute, cute cute!

On the way to the airport, Chani fell asleep and they made me wake her, remove the carrier and pass her to an employee so they could scan her. Needless to say that I wasn't too happy with that but what could I do?

Once we left the airport, we were on the White Swan Express, heading to the famous hotel and again, a sleeping baby. I had heard mixed things about the hotel but the room we had was very clean and even smelled clean, the water pressure was super great and it was large enough for the three of us. Perhaps we got a refurbished room but it was nice enough. The service was also great. If you asked for something, you had it right away. It wasn't the same way in Nanchang. I went without fresh toothbrushes for most of the nights there, even when I had to ask for them. If you're careful and don't wash them with the tap water, you can use them again. It sure was nice not washing them and tossing in the trash though! Chani had a hard time here with a new crib and new surroundings since we arrived so late. She finally settled down and we all went to bed for a little while until breakfast.

Breakfast at the hotel, I had heard was really good. I wasn't too impressed with it and liked the JinFeng Hotel breakfast much better. After we finished eating and met the group, we headed to get her photo taken and then off to the medical exam. She weighs 17.7 pounds with her clothes on, is 28" long and her temp was 97. We then went to the next step where they checked her eyes, nose and ears. The last thing was her head circumference and a general overall body exam. She passed with flying colors. She is wearing 6-9 months size. I had a couple of 6 months that we used but they were a tiny bit snug so the 6-9 works much better.

On our way out of the exam, we stopped at a couple shops and then headed to lunch to Lucy's. I ordered grilled cheese and Matt ordered a chicken wrap. Both were pretty good so no complaints here. There is a park right there in the middle of it all and so many people out there exercising, playing with kids, some kind of hackey sack game and generally having a good time. We saw 4-5 brides getting their photos taken. About two months before the wedding, they shoot the photos and will have them to show at the wedding. We walked back to the hotel and had to wait for them to finish cleaning it. We walked to the second floor and found a lounge area with some red couches so we sat on them and took a few photos. Little did we know at the time that these were THE red couches where we were to meet a little later for the famous red couch photo. We did a group shot and then that one. Not too bad. There was one boy, Joey in the group and Chani and he held hands a bit on the couch. I took some photos of that but haven't seen then yet. I will post if they are good. It sure was cute at the time.

I'll post the next day tomorrow.

Another couple of tips - take a thermos! We used ours constantly and I was soooo glad to have had it. I know some say it's a huge waste of space but it was so worth it to me to have it.
Also, Cheerios! I couldn't find them or anything like them anywhere. I had to borrow some from Stacey. Thank you Stacey, so much. You were a life saver!

Back to today. We arrived late last night and she just wouldn't go down. She was so excited when we got home and just looked around at everything. We brought her in through the front door and looked at the tree and then all the rooms. She was just happy to be off the plane or bus. She hated the car seat in the beginning but settled down to it pretty quick and of course, she fell asleep on the way home. Debbie picked us up from the airport and I can not thank her enough. Big, big hugs for EVERYTHING that you have done for us, Deb!!

I think we may have gotten a couple hours from her last night and she finally went to sleep at 8am this morning, so did I. We woke up around 1 and I got her up. She took a short nap today for about an hour and I woke her up from that too. I really wanted her to be tired for tonight. We stayed at the house today playing with her new toys. I only introduced the mailbox and a new set of stacking cups since we lost the ones that we took to China. I also let her play with the other toys that she had in China. I don't want to overwhelm her too much.

Matt went to grab a few groceries and pick up Bindi. He brought him home and I was up in Chani's room with her. He was able to settle in a little bit before Matt came to get me and change places so he could see me for awhile before we introduced Chani. Then, after he greeted me for a couple minutes, we brought him to her. He was so excited. She giggled when he licked her fingers and smiled at him. Sooooo glad that she didn't cry or was scared of him. That was a good thing.

We gave her a bath in her new tub and then put her to bed around 8:30. Hopefully she'll sleep through morning.

I also started unpacking so the house is such a wreck. There is crap stuff everywhere. I wanted to get this post out there today.

And, for the good stuff, again, picked out by Matt.

The two babies from our group who were born in the year of the pig. Chani and Cameron, born one day apart.

Chani in her panda hat.

See my four teeth?

Cute or what?

We toured a tall Pagoda in Nanchang and we saw them perform a dance and song.

The girl loves touching my teeth and sticking her hands in my mouth.

This little boy was at the zoo in Nanchang.

His momma really wanted us to take his picture.

As we passed a side street, this is what we saw.

As Matt and one member from each family were filling out the I-600 forms, a few of the rest of us gathered for a walk through a local park. Everyone would stop and stare at us and the babies. They were all super friendly and wanted to see the babies. Extremely curious people we were to them. These last little girls were in the park.

All of these photos were taken in Nanchang.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

How fun!!!!!
Love the pictures...
Hope little Chani sleeps for you...
I can't wait for tomorrow...
Glad you are home safe.. and hope you get things settled.. it will take a few days...
Get some rest girly..
Hugs to you..
Glad you got that suitcase filled and passed with the weight...
Glad furbaby and Chani are doing well

Randi said...

I am wishing you lots of sleep. I am a much better mommy when I am rested. I am so glad that you are home :)

OziMum said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound! Your trip looks amazing - and Chani... what a sweetpea!

Alyson & Ford said...

You sound great!! What a wonderful story. Thank you for any tips (BTDT) and advice. Chani so so cute! We can't wait for our turn!!

LID 01/27/06

Cindy said...

Welcome home everyone! We have been thinking of you and hoping everything was going well. I love reading your post about Nanchang - boy it brings back memories for us. And finally, Chaney is such a sweetie. I am glad she is settling in well. Hope you adjust to the time change soon. Can't wait to meet her!

Yes, Minister... said...

Oh - Chani is so cute! I can't wait to see her again - maybe today!

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

As I write this, I am desperately hoping to hear from you that Chani slept the entire night! :)

I didn't unpack my suitcases when I got home for days and days. I am so impressed that you are attempting it already!

Yeah - Chani and Bindi are fast friends!

Chani is so cute!

jon-n-tracey said...

very nice summary. glad everyone's settling in. i WISH i used our thermos, since we actually brought it with us to China. But nope, as a matter of fact, I only used it for the first time last week! To bring warm milk to church. Worked Awesomely! So yeah, bring (and use) that thermos!!

Jackie said...

Chani sounds pretty easy-going. I'm so impressed by her reaction to Bindi! Hope she slept soundly for many hours...and you, too. Thanks for posting the pictures. They're so much fun to look at!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time... I will remember that about the thermos... Chani is as cute as a button... though, goes without saying... take care and have fun getting that suitcase unpacked...

Mick & James said...

Welcome back Kathy, Matt and Miss Chani!

We look forward to meeting your most beautiful child.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Hope all is well..
I am sure you are soo busy..trying to get back on schedule with little Chani..
Can't wait to see Christmas morning pictures..
How fun..
Hugs to you girly..

Alyson & Ford said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!