Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

*Update for those interested - The stroller is a Maclaren Techno XLR. The colors are brown and pink.

It's just not the same this year. No spooky decorations, no bats hanging from the ceiling and no old scary woman chained to the steps. None of that. Why? Well, lack of interest this year. Instead of decorating for Halloween, I chose to do a fall them so no jack-o-lanterns but plain ole pumpkins instead. I have a very busy next couple of days so no time for all that stuff.

I did manage to drag Debbie and Li Li along for my mad shopping last week. They patiently wondered around Babies R Us, Linens N' Things, A Baby's Room, and JoAnn's. Smack dab in the middle of the day, we stopped by Ian's school so they could have their teacher conference. I had the pleasure of watching Li Li pointing out letters, colors, etc, while Mom and Dad were with the teacher. I completed the big purchases that I had yet to get and now I'm done. Yeah! What a good feeling of having the major things out of the way. We kept piling each thing in the back of Debbie's car and headed on to the next stop.

Here is one of the big purchases. Sweet huh? - Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! - I also bought a custom upholstered chair. It's supposed to take up to six weeks. In six weeks, I hope to be in CHINA!!! We made arrangements for Debbie to pick it up if we're gone. I also bought several other things but these were the major ones.

Once we got home and we were unloading from her car to mine, her phone rang. Her husband, Dan had an EKG done and they wanted him to go to the hospital to do another one. Scary! I stayed with the kids while they went to the ER together. Luckily it wasn't a heart attack and he's doing well now.

Saturday night we ventured over to Buford to Dan and Christine's for a Halloween party. The kids all dressed up and were so cute! Christine was so thrilled for us and had me pulling out my photo to show all her guests. It was quite an honor to be showing my daughter's photo to everyone and gushing about. Their house was AWESOME! Dan built a graveyard, complete with great hand made headstones and a wooden coffin that he built. It was something. There were cobwebs and decorations everywhere! We had a great time.

Then, onto the adoption, we were in Home Depot Monday when the phone rang. It was the travel agent who is doing our China visa. Apparently, the photos weren't good enough. What?!? - The ones that I had sent to them were the EXACT ones that I have on our passports. (Mine was just renewed.) She insisted that they wouldn't work and we had to redo them. So, Tuesday, we were off to get that done. The new ones are horrible, overexposed, washed out and we were not allowed to smile. What hideous looking photos we ended up with but oh well. LOL Hopefully not too many people will have to look at them but at this point, I'm like whatever gets the job done.

Our agency just announced that the next cutoff is the 8th of December. I was so hoping that they reached the 12th. Mick, you're definitely next!

Well, I'm off to wait for the first trick or treater to ding my bell. And yes, Lisa, I have my list ready. :)


Catherine said...

Great shopping! Love the stoller and colours you chose. Is it a Maclaren? I was given one of those and it pushes like a dream.
Glad you and Deb (miss her blog!) had such fun shopping for Chani.

It won't be long now! Hopefully your TA will arrive soon!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Glad you got all the shopping out of the way...
Sounds like you have been really busy...
Glad to hear that the test went okay...
I hope you are in CHINA in 6 weeks too..
I am sooo excited for you..

OziMum said...

Sweet ride! Love the pink & brown! You'll be zooming Chani around in it, in no time!

Don't blame you for holding out on the decorations... then you just have to pack them up, right?!! And who has time for that when you're planning to go to CHINA!!!

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

LOL!!! I am looking at that list tomorrow!!! Ha!

Sounds like you did some mega good shopping! It is nice to feel like you have all the big stuff covered.

Ugh - only the 8th! Mick you are next girl!!!

RoLo said...

No one blames you for not having time to decorate, you have so much to do. Love the stroller. This is such an exciting time for you guys.

Mick & James said...

Bwha ha ha.... THE LIST!

Redheaded Chick said...

I am slowly catching up on blogs and your daughter is lovely!

I have this very stroller. In general, I like it a lot. Just get yourself a cupholder thingy to attach onto it!

K said...

Our babies will be matching. I also have this very same Maclaren!