Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tags - You're IT!

I have been tagged by Lorraine to list the 10 things that we still need to do or get for our munchkin.

1. Get a stroller.
2. Get a car seat.
3. Get a new car for the car seat.
4. Go to the Travel Meeting.
5. Complete several sewing projects.
6. Baby Proof living area.
7. Have the baby shower.
8. Build the baby gates, wall units, shelves.
9. Wash bedding, etc.
10. Clean, clean, clean.

I've also been tagged by Debbie to name seven "P" words that describe me.

1. Photographer wannabe.
2. Plain and simple.
3. Peaceful.
4. Patriotic.
5. Planner.
6. Private.
7. Protective.

I have also been tagged....Five things MeMe by Amy

Five things that I was doing 10 years ago.

1. Getting to know Matt better.
2. Working my way back into the dating pool after an ending to a horrible marriage.
3. Working at a dead end temporary job.
4. Enjoying my freedom.
5. Partying quite a bit.

Five of My Favorite Snack Foods:

1. Goldfish crackers.
2. Cookies.
3. Reece's Pieces.
4. Cheese and crackers.
5. Candy Corn

Five Songs of which I know all the lyrics:

1. Jingle Bells
2. Truly, Madly, Deeply
3. I Honestly Love You.
4. I Want You to Want Me.
5. Wonderful Tonight.

Five things that I would do with a Million Dollars:

1. Hire a decorator to come in and do up my house.
2. Put in the pool.
3. Give some to charity.
4. Put some away for a college fund.
5. Pay off all debts.

Five Bad Habits that I have:

1. Spending too much time online.
2. Putting my foot in my mouth.
3. Trying to be funny only it comes across wrong.
4. Fidgeting with my fingers while holding hands with Matt.
5. Short tempered and annoyed easily.

Five things that I like to do.

1. Scuba diving
2. Shopping
3. Crafting
4. Gathering with Friends
5. Organizing

Five things I will never wear again:

1. Spike Heels.
2. Stirrup Pants.
3. Real Fur Coat.
4. Cheer leading Outfit.
5. Short shorts.

If you want to play along, consider yourself Tagged!!!!!!!!!!!
Whew, that was a lot of work!

1 comment:

amy said...

What a fun meme! Just to let you know that although I missed the consignment sales this year, I am not addicted to a consignment store..

I have all your tips and suggestions saved for next season!