Monday, September 17, 2007

One more tag

Hopefully this will be it for awhile. This one came from Jackie

Some of my favorite things.

Sound - Toddlers laughing
Late night snack - Cookies
Smell - Coffee
Color combination Any really
Nut - Pecan - pronounced pe con
Time of the year - Fall and Spring
Author - None in particular
Vegetable - Corn
Male actor - Johnny Depp
Flower Stargazer Lily
Vacation spot - Last one - Florida
Pizza - Ham, mushroom and pineapple
Sport to play - LOL - me play sports??
Subject in school - Too long ago.
TV channel - ABC
Radio station - Most of the local ones
Holiday - Xmas, especially this year because we should have Chani.
Perfume - Beyond Paradise
Shoes Merrell
Candy Taffy
City to shop New York City
Female actress Too many to choose.
Beauty products - LOL
Item to shop for - Baby clothes

Again, if you want to play, feel free and let me know if you did.

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