Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Greetings from sunny Florida, or maybe not so sunny.

Several years ago, Matt and I bought a time share property. We had never used it because it just never fit into our plans. Well, this year, I decided that we would definitely use it. We had driven down to Orlando back in the spring and drove right through our time share area so we decided to check it out while we were here. It was cute and it had recently undergone a load of work due to a hurricane. Our unit was open so we actually got to see it. Anyway, I thought it was doable so we put it on the calendar.

When our week came, we packed the mustang to the rims and I mean it was packed! We brought the mustang so we could drive the convertible along the beach. Well, that hasn't quite worked out well. It's still a bit warm for the top down but neither do we go out much so not a big deal after all. Matt did not take vacation from work so we are calling it his "working vacation". He does have some work to do and we had planned for that so it's not bad. I decided that while he was doing that, I would bring my sewing machine and finish up some projects that I've been wanting to get done before the baby comes. So far, it has been working out fairly well.

Each day we have gone swimming in the ocean and then the pool. The waves crashing into you is exhausting. The first day I lost my pony tail holder. The second day one of my contacts. Who knows what else I'll lose to the mighty ocean. Hopefully that's my last item. Being here is like going away to summer camp. All the other people here are here for the same week each year. Everyone talks to you. They have scheduled activities that you can join. It also reminds me somewhat of a cruise.

The place is like a little apartment. It has a full kitchen, complete with dishes, cookware, stove and refrigerator. A queen bed, table, tons of storage and a whole other room with tv, chair and a small sofa bed. Off that room is a good size balcony that overlooks the pool below and the ocean just beyond that.

It is VERY relaxing and calming. There are junk shops all along the main street but since we're not on vacation, I don't feel the need for souvenir shopping, although, I reserve the right to change my mind. We've located several grocery stores and are fixing our meals in house so not much spending in that area.

I can't believe that we've never made the time to do this before. So far, it has been a great experience. I even have a list of things to bring next time and things not to bring that we didn't need. I'll post a few photos soon.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds like you found a place to go and relax every year for a week..
Sounds very fun..
I bet Chani will love walking out on the beach and playing in the sand..
Have fun..

kris said...

It's so cool to think of you being in my home state after meeting in GA! Glad you're having fun, and don't lose anything more to that ocean!

Jackie said...

I'm jealous! We just spent a week at the beach, and I miss swimming and walking in the ocean! Glad you've gotten to check out the timeshare in time to schedule a trip next year with your daughter. :-)

Headmeister said...

I LOVE junk shops - they have the wackiest stuff in them! Glad to hear you're enjoying your vacation!


Enjoy your vacation!! Just think, the next time you visit, you will be visiting with Chani!! :-) You might visit your time share more often once you have her.

Kim said...

Your timeshare sounds great, I'd love to have one someday.

I am glad you all are having fun before referrals! I am headed out next Sat on the Triumph, I really hope both of see referral on Friday Sept 28!!