Friday, September 21, 2007

Excited, Nervous, Anxious???

Lately, I've been asked, a lot, if I am any and/or all of the above. Yes and No.

I am still relatively calm and haven't gone into the panic mode yet. I think I am getting more excited and a lot more confident that we are included. I have had a moment or two where I am like everyone else and ugly thoughts creep into my mind like what if we're skipped or what if something is wrong with her, or, she is a he. They don't consume me but have popped up a time or two.

Matt's co-worker just delivered her son this last week. She called him on the phone yesterday and it was a little weird hearing the conversation. She had said something about the adoption and that she couldn't imagine Matt being a Dad. Then, I heard Matt say, "I can't imagine you being a Mom." - It struck me in an odd sort of way. That they both should become first time parents at the same time.

The season is changing and Fall is just about here. This last week, I've been able to shut off the air and open up the windows. Love the freshness of the cool air coming in the windows. Yeah, no more $300 electric bills for awhile. Hopefully we'll have a couple of months where we need no cooling or heating. - Does anyone know when we should service these things? Do I need to get an air conditioner guy here to clean and prep for the winter or should I have a heating guy come in and prepare for winter??

I'm also in the cleaning mode again. I have pulled down all the curtains and have washed, pressed and am in the process of getting them all back up again. I'm washing the inside of the windows as I'm working with them. We've also managed to get the artwork back up in the toy room last night. I'm really liking that room. I love the color more and more each day. I made the valances and hung them this week too. I still need to get photos and get them put up.

I was in the basement yesterday, looking for some thumbtacks and started digging through some boxes of stuff that we have yet to unpack. Can you believe that after almost two years we still have boxes in the basement? - One day, when we get walls up down there, I'll be able to get it all organized. For now, it's mostly just piles. Anyway, as I was digging, I came across a ladybug magnet that I had no idea that I had. Perhaps we were matched yesterday. It looks very much like the photo up above.

I'm guessing that referrals will be coming on Oct 2, 3, or 4. So, next week should be my final full week of not knowing. We will get the call one of those days, hopefully but will have to wait until translation of the file, about a week, before we get the picture.

Our GA Wait potluck is here tomorrow. That should be loads of fun and I can't wait for it. If you're a local and want to be included, just let me know!

Oh, and the scrapbook thing on the previous post was really easy to use. I may even purchase some of the layouts or subscribe for a year.


Yes, Minister... said...

I am so excited for YOU and Matt :D I LOL because I have been going through the same cleaning routine this week!

Karen said...

So exciting! Hope referrals come out soon!

Michaela said...

I'm very happy for you!
Can you come to my house for some cleaning - please!
Best wishes,

Jeter Mama said...

will miss seeing you guys - going out of town this weekend.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the ladybug magnet..
Too cute...
You will be next.. I feel it..
I am sooo excited for you..
Have fun at the potluck..

Lisa and Doug said...

I cannot wait for the potluck tonight! I can't wait to see you and everyone!

I am so excited for you I can hardly stand it! I want to see Miss Chani!


Well, we are all excited for you!! It will all feel surreal to you after the referral anyway. Even the day she is handed to you, you will have to pinch yourself to be sure that you are not dreaming. I think that you never really feel just one of those, that you meantioned, but a mixture of all three and there isn't a word to describe that feeling. You will see what I mean all too soon. :-)

RoLo said...

September feels like it is taking forever!!

sea star said...

Sounds like a little nesting going on. Hoping we see a boat load of referrals this month. I'm excited for you!

Michael said...

We had forgotten that your LID was getting so close to referral. Hope it happens this time!!

Michael and Kimberly
(in Iowa)