Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

I had had a super great weekend, so far. It started on Friday with the much anticipated meeting of Briana. I've been waiting for her to come home, almost as long as I've been waiting for Chani to come. Lisa opened the door, holding Briana. It was such a beautiful moment to finally see that little girl in her arms. After a little while of sitting on the floor, playing and a few pictures, she finally let me hold her. She is tiny and petite and when she smiled, her eyes would light up. Lisa and Maisie also joined us and the girls had their first play date. We chatted all about China, things to bring, etc. The girls were getting tired and it was getting close to nap time so Lisa and Maisie left for home. After they left, Lisa, Briana and I headed out for some Mexican lunch. Briana did wonderful being out. She would sit and watch everything going on around her. As we were sitting there, she started giving funny expressions on her face. You know, the kind of intense look that made ya laugh. She was just doing what comes naturally but the look on her face was priceless. It was too dark in there for me to get good photos without the flash and bothering all the other diners. Once we were done, Lisa took her to get her changed while I cleaned up the booster chair and prepared to leave. She went down for a nap and Lisa and I were able to catch up. I finally had to pull myself away and head for home, before the terrible rush hour traffic. Here are some photos of that day.

Saturday morning, I got up and headed to a Southern Living home party, here in the neighborhood. I had planned to leave by 11:00 and even told the host that. I knew that I could stay until 11:30 and still be on time to head to Melissa's who hosted our monthly GA Waits Potluck. As I was leaving, closer to 11:30, I phoned Matt to tell him that I was on my way. He had missed the alarm and was still asleep. He rushed to the shower and we were only a few minutes shy of when I had wanted to leave. Well, we ended up getting lost and took way longer than it should have. Once we were there, we had a super great time. We had some great gumbo that Darren made, along with bread, drinks and Lisa's mint bars and lemon squares. After dinner, we all jumped in her pool and had a great time. Maisie dealt with me holding her a few times but she only wanted Momma. Katie was there also and she let me hold her quite a bit. She is so beautiful and has a precious smile. I had on a bracelet that Lisa had brought me home from China. Katie, (John and Ann's little girl.) fingered it some so I took it off and put it on her wrist. She LOVED that and wore it for awhile. I got my baby fix for awhile this weekend. I am so ready for it to be my turn. I'm guessing in about 45 days or so, I'll finally see her face for the first time. I'm so looking forward to that day!

Here are some photos of the potluck. If there is anyone who reads my blog or happens upon it and lives in the northern Atlanta area and would like to join in with our potlucks, please shoot me an email. We love gathering for potlucks and having general support while we are all waiting. It's really an amazing time when you see those around you bringing home their babies and knowing they are supporting you along the way too. Sometimes the potlucks are small, sometimes, not so much but they are always fun and it's great to see everyone!

Thanks to all those who came, especially to Melissa and Darren for opening up their home, John and Ann, for being so generous in allowing me to hold Katie so much and Lisa, for attempting to letting me hold Maisie. :) - I can't wait until it's my turn to bring Chani home!


amy said...

Oh I cant until one of your get togethers is on my weekend off. That should be soon, i hope..Great pics..Brianna is a cutie and Maisie has been smiling a lot for the camera lately!

Lisa~~ said...

Thanks for all the great piccies!! It was a fun weekend and soon Chani will be joining in on the fun too, can't wait!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Both girls are sooo adorable..
Very nice..
Have a Great Week.

Jeter's Mama said...

what fun that was!!
will have to "steal" some photos from you, as I didn't take my camera out once!

Headmeister said...

Love love love these pics! Can't wait to see you all again REAL SOON!

Redheaded Chick said...

I am crossing my fingers that you might be in this next batch!

Colleen said...

Do you really think you will miss this batch? I sure hope not - thinking of you!!

What great pics and great little girls to spend your waiting time with. They are both so beautiful!!

Headmeister said...

Still diggin' these pics!!!! Can't wait to see ya!