Friday, August 10, 2007

We were Scammed

Last night we were sitting in the living room, watching TV about 8:00pm. The doorbell rang. Matt got up and answered the door. It was a guy selling children's books for a fund raiser for some trip with his university. He said that his parents and he just moved into the neighborhood and gave the house number 91 or 99 or something like that and the street name of one in our subdivision. I HATE it when people come to the door so I let Matt go deal with it. They talked for quite some time, all the while I sat in here, listening to bits and pieces that I could hear. I got up to go upstairs, slightly annoyed that he was taking too long. Matt then invited him in and asked me to come look at these books. We live in Georgia and yesterday, it was so hot. We reached 103 and broke a record high. Plus, the guy was really sweating and looked hot.

I looked through his books and he said that I could either keep them for myself or I could donate them to Jude's Children's Hospital for a tax deduction. When we asked about different sets of books, he seemed to know all about each set. They had a series on the ocean, with each book showcasing a different creature. After we decided which ones to get, I grabbed the checkbook and my list of new neighbors. (I do a welcome wagon type thing in the neighborhood and I have a list of all the new residents.) I didn't see his family listed and figured that the girls in the office must have missed him or he was a resell vs a new one. Well, when I questioned him on this, he said it was a new house. I thought it was kind of weird that I didn't have them but the thought didn't even cross my mind that he wasn't being truthful.

After he did the receipt and talked about when to expect them. He asked to use our phone to call his brother to pick him up. I pulled the number from the phone but don't know what if anything I should do with it. He had also talked about turning 21 on Friday and his own goal was to reach a certain point before then. He said that we were his last ones and that did it for him. He was fun, charming and we felt good about him. We said good-byes and wished him a happy birthday.

Not 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang again. :( - Matt told me it was my turn. This time it was the "real" neighbor from up the street with another family of neighbors with her. She then told me that it was a scam and there wasn't a 91 or 99 on that street. That was the first phase in the subdivision and are some of the oldest houses. She asked if I had given him cash or a check. (I had told Matt that I didn't feel comfortable giving him the cash.) - Now I wish I had so he didn't have our routing numbers. They had called the police but they couldn't find him. I thanked the neighbors and went inside and put a stop payment on the check online. I will call the bank this morning and follow up with it. I wonder if they can keep an eye on my account. It really sucks because today is payday and I do tons of bills online with the routing number. I wonder if they can do anything about that or if they will let them all go through if they have before. I surely hope that we don't have to get a new account number. What a mess.


Catherine said...

Oh Kathy, so sorry to hear this happened to you. Hopefully you caught it in time and hopefully the police soon catch these scammers.

amy said...

Bummer! Im so sorry this happenned!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

That is awful..
Why can't people just be honest..
Hope they catch him and hopefully you don't have to change your account number.
Hope your weekend is better.

RoLo said...

This is terrible, I hope that you got a stop on your chq in time and that nothing more goes wrong with your account. At least you know your neighbours are looking out for you.

Stacy said...

That Stinks!!! I don't understand why people have to be so creepy. It is because of people like him that I have becomes so skeptical of people. :(

I hope the bank doesn't give you too much trouble.

Jackie said...

This is why I'm so apprehensive and skeptical about people who sell door-to-door. What a jerk! Hope your stop-payment works and that nothing more comes from the whole thing.


Uggggh...What an inconvenience!! Hopefully nothing bad will come of it. To what name did you make out the check? Maybe that is a clue. Did he use the same name with the neighbors too?
Good luck tracking him down!!