Friday, August 31, 2007

Painting is complete

I finished painting the toy room and have pulled off all the blue tape, removed the ladders, paint bushes, extra paint and picked up the plastic off the floor. I have to move all the crap back in there yet and rehang the artwork and get the curtain rods up. I ordered the fabric that matches the daybed cover so I'll make just plain ole valances for the windows, hopefully soon. We removed the bookshelf so no climbing allowed on that in there. One day, my downstairs living area WILL be baby proofed, hopefully before we have a baby here. Matt hung the ceiling fan yesterday. At first I didn't like the color but I've come around with it. It looks great against the white trim. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and tips, both posting and emails. The second coat goes on so much nicer than the first one. I also think I was trying to spread it too thin so once I had enough paint, it went rather well. I still have a little bit of touch up work to do but that shouldn't take too long.

I will post pictures of it once it's all back together.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Any painting guru out there?

Bet ya all can't guess what I've been doing today! :)

Okay, so I have a few questions about painting the walls and hope someone out there knows a lot more than I do.

First of all, when I'm cutting in, how far "in" do I go?

Second, do I cut in all the ceiling, around the windows, doors, and corners of the entire room first and then lay it on with the roller? Or, do I do one wall at a time? Or, a different way altogether?

Third, when I am painting a second coat, do I cut in again and then re roll the wall again, repeating the entire process? Or, do I just roll on the second coat without cutting in again?

And lastly, when do you peel off the blue tape? When the paint is wet or after it's all dry?

Any hints, tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cute Baby Shots

Lisa and Briana
Randi and Jack
Lisa and Briana

One of these days, I'll have my own baby to post!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

I had had a super great weekend, so far. It started on Friday with the much anticipated meeting of Briana. I've been waiting for her to come home, almost as long as I've been waiting for Chani to come. Lisa opened the door, holding Briana. It was such a beautiful moment to finally see that little girl in her arms. After a little while of sitting on the floor, playing and a few pictures, she finally let me hold her. She is tiny and petite and when she smiled, her eyes would light up. Lisa and Maisie also joined us and the girls had their first play date. We chatted all about China, things to bring, etc. The girls were getting tired and it was getting close to nap time so Lisa and Maisie left for home. After they left, Lisa, Briana and I headed out for some Mexican lunch. Briana did wonderful being out. She would sit and watch everything going on around her. As we were sitting there, she started giving funny expressions on her face. You know, the kind of intense look that made ya laugh. She was just doing what comes naturally but the look on her face was priceless. It was too dark in there for me to get good photos without the flash and bothering all the other diners. Once we were done, Lisa took her to get her changed while I cleaned up the booster chair and prepared to leave. She went down for a nap and Lisa and I were able to catch up. I finally had to pull myself away and head for home, before the terrible rush hour traffic. Here are some photos of that day.

Saturday morning, I got up and headed to a Southern Living home party, here in the neighborhood. I had planned to leave by 11:00 and even told the host that. I knew that I could stay until 11:30 and still be on time to head to Melissa's who hosted our monthly GA Waits Potluck. As I was leaving, closer to 11:30, I phoned Matt to tell him that I was on my way. He had missed the alarm and was still asleep. He rushed to the shower and we were only a few minutes shy of when I had wanted to leave. Well, we ended up getting lost and took way longer than it should have. Once we were there, we had a super great time. We had some great gumbo that Darren made, along with bread, drinks and Lisa's mint bars and lemon squares. After dinner, we all jumped in her pool and had a great time. Maisie dealt with me holding her a few times but she only wanted Momma. Katie was there also and she let me hold her quite a bit. She is so beautiful and has a precious smile. I had on a bracelet that Lisa had brought me home from China. Katie, (John and Ann's little girl.) fingered it some so I took it off and put it on her wrist. She LOVED that and wore it for awhile. I got my baby fix for awhile this weekend. I am so ready for it to be my turn. I'm guessing in about 45 days or so, I'll finally see her face for the first time. I'm so looking forward to that day!

Here are some photos of the potluck. If there is anyone who reads my blog or happens upon it and lives in the northern Atlanta area and would like to join in with our potlucks, please shoot me an email. We love gathering for potlucks and having general support while we are all waiting. It's really an amazing time when you see those around you bringing home their babies and knowing they are supporting you along the way too. Sometimes the potlucks are small, sometimes, not so much but they are always fun and it's great to see everyone!

Thanks to all those who came, especially to Melissa and Darren for opening up their home, John and Ann, for being so generous in allowing me to hold Katie so much and Lisa, for attempting to letting me hold Maisie. :) - I can't wait until it's my turn to bring Chani home!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Okay, first on the scam. I think the neighbors overreacted a bit. After they all left, we googled the company, Integrity, and it all looks legit. I emailed the customer service, in addition to putting the stop payment through with my bank. I did get a response that surprised me. He told me that he could cancel my order only by sending them the receipt with the seller's information within three days. I popped that into the mail that day. So far, it is still looking like everything is going to be okay after all. A friend/neighbor emailed me and said that it happened to them once. All that happened was that they never received their magazines. The seller, did lie to us and told us that he lived in the neighborhood and gave us a false address. Hopefully that should be done now.

On to the window art. It has been up for a couple of days now and I do kind of like it. So, it's going to stay for awhile anyway, until I can come up with some curtains or a better plan. I'm having the hardest time picking the fabric for them. I'm sure everyone has little quirks about them and one of mine is that I'm scared to purchase fabric off the rolls. I have no idea why, it just is. I have no problem getting some off the 45" bolts. Anyway, once I finally pick the fabric, I'll go to work and sew up some kind of curtains for it. Who knows when that will be. I have tons of projects that I want to get done within the next couple of months. We're taking a week and heading to the beach for some relaxation and I'll be working on lots of projects there. It's going to be a working vacation so I should have plenty of time to get things done. At least that's the plan.

As for the Chinese Characters, looking at my cheat sheet, they are top row left to right, Beauty, Family, (I thought family had two symbols?) Good luck, Happiness, Health, Kindness. Bottom row, Long life, Love, Safety, Strength, Together, Wisdom. I had Anna label them on the back and with an up arrow so I know they are not upside down.

Friday, August 10, 2007

We were Scammed

Last night we were sitting in the living room, watching TV about 8:00pm. The doorbell rang. Matt got up and answered the door. It was a guy selling children's books for a fund raiser for some trip with his university. He said that his parents and he just moved into the neighborhood and gave the house number 91 or 99 or something like that and the street name of one in our subdivision. I HATE it when people come to the door so I let Matt go deal with it. They talked for quite some time, all the while I sat in here, listening to bits and pieces that I could hear. I got up to go upstairs, slightly annoyed that he was taking too long. Matt then invited him in and asked me to come look at these books. We live in Georgia and yesterday, it was so hot. We reached 103 and broke a record high. Plus, the guy was really sweating and looked hot.

I looked through his books and he said that I could either keep them for myself or I could donate them to Jude's Children's Hospital for a tax deduction. When we asked about different sets of books, he seemed to know all about each set. They had a series on the ocean, with each book showcasing a different creature. After we decided which ones to get, I grabbed the checkbook and my list of new neighbors. (I do a welcome wagon type thing in the neighborhood and I have a list of all the new residents.) I didn't see his family listed and figured that the girls in the office must have missed him or he was a resell vs a new one. Well, when I questioned him on this, he said it was a new house. I thought it was kind of weird that I didn't have them but the thought didn't even cross my mind that he wasn't being truthful.

After he did the receipt and talked about when to expect them. He asked to use our phone to call his brother to pick him up. I pulled the number from the phone but don't know what if anything I should do with it. He had also talked about turning 21 on Friday and his own goal was to reach a certain point before then. He said that we were his last ones and that did it for him. He was fun, charming and we felt good about him. We said good-byes and wished him a happy birthday.

Not 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang again. :( - Matt told me it was my turn. This time it was the "real" neighbor from up the street with another family of neighbors with her. She then told me that it was a scam and there wasn't a 91 or 99 on that street. That was the first phase in the subdivision and are some of the oldest houses. She asked if I had given him cash or a check. (I had told Matt that I didn't feel comfortable giving him the cash.) - Now I wish I had so he didn't have our routing numbers. They had called the police but they couldn't find him. I thanked the neighbors and went inside and put a stop payment on the check online. I will call the bank this morning and follow up with it. I wonder if they can keep an eye on my account. It really sucks because today is payday and I do tons of bills online with the routing number. I wonder if they can do anything about that or if they will let them all go through if they have before. I surely hope that we don't have to get a new account number. What a mess.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What do ya think?

Okay, it has been almost three months since Anna left us. But, before she did, she and I created these painting for the twelve squares between the two sets of windows. I just hung them up and had to dust up there. Yuck! Be honest, do they look okay?

Can you tell me what each of them say?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My New Toy

Okay, so I've been wanting to get a new camera, mostly to take pictures in China and because it seems that I am ALWAYS taking blurry shots. I know, I know, operator error most likely but, nonetheless, I was missing way too many good shots.

So, last Saturday, on our way to my first ever couple baby shower, we stopped by Wolf Camera to browse and get a feel for the cameras. After talking about it and free classes to boot, we decided to bite the bullet and purchase it right there and then, arriving to the shower 30 minutes late. (Sorry Jasmine!)

We bought the Canon 30D with the 28-135 lens, (At least that's what I think it's called.) After the body, lens, three filters, memory cards, extra batteries, prints and a service plan for a couple of years, we walked out of there with our very own new toy.

So, here is our old camera

And, our new camera - See a difference?

Today at our weekly lunch/play date, Debbie gave it a workout and captured over 500 photos. Here are some of my favorites. I hope to one day be as good as a photographer as she is.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Referrals are HERE!!!

I love seeing all the excitement on the boards at referral time. Congrats to all those who are seeing their babies faces for the first time today!!